Saturday, September 13, 2014

A Naughty Knitter's Fun

I just had the Best Day Ever!!

I was at the K-W Knitter's Fair today. I filled my car up with good friends and drove to the Aud in Kitchener where we shopped till we dropped and visted with all the good friends we could find from near and far.

I had really lovely sit down chat with Brenda, and met Ingrid, Queen of Koigu. I got a chance to catch up with Andy, of All Strung Out. I learned today that Wendy, of Gemini Fibres, who taught me to spin a consistent ply had passed on. I'm sad she's gone, but glad to know she lives on in all the spinners she has taught so well. What a legacy she has left behind!

The thing about this event is that everywhere you look people are smiling and happy. No one thinks you are weird if you walk behind them for a few paces and call out "I'm stalking your sweater." Or if, while someone is winding wool you stop beside them, blissfully smile, and say "It's going to be wonderful." They will not think you are crazy. Instead the other knitter will smile blissfully back and say, "Yes, it will be." And if you happen to pat someone's arm as they walk past you, to get a feel of the lucious yarn that makes up their sweater, they will not cry assult, but merely smile back at you when you say "Lovely."

Yes, I did all these crazy things. It was heaven.

I also bought whatever I wanted and I don't regret it in the least. Aren't I naughty? I haven't even been beating myself up over it. Check it out:


In that picture we have:

  • laceweight aplaca, 2400 yds
  • 5 skiens of Noro (a steal at $5 each)
  • sock yarns for making mittens (it's hard to find a good plain white you know)
  • a bit of roving from Waterloo Wools (sadly going out of business, happily yarn and fiber on sale)
  • a crazy self-striping skien
  • a sheep mug, with bunnies!

I'm going to have so much fun playing with my new colors.