Sunday, November 09, 2008

S'no Bother

What a mixed up fall we're having. Snow in October, then last week we had sun shine and warm temperatures, now back to blowing cold and grey skies. But it's alright, I pushed through and finished up Luke's mittens in time for a freezing walk to school on Monday.

These gloves are my own pattern, that I'm not even going to try to write up because it's all a blur now. I call them "Snazzy Gloves" because that diagonal on the hand really mesmerizes the eye when worn. Luke was already in bed when I finished them, but I'll try to get him to give me a modeled shot in the morning.

It was a very busy weekend because besides the gloves, I had to take some work home with me. But I still squeezed in some family time and managed to go shopping for boots. During the snow in October, I dug my old pair out and realized that they'll do for walking the dog, but not much else.

I've got hard feet to fit, ladies size 11 or size 10 wide. So I knew needed to shop early to get the best selection. I found a pair at Payless that were cute and almost fit, but sort of pinched on the ball of my foot. The sales lady, bless her, talked me out of buying them. She said, "If they don't fit right now, you won't be happy with them."

So we went to Sears, thinking big store, big selection. We were shocked to discover that they didn't sell any sizes larger than a ten. Jim was very indignant on my behalf.

We cruised through a couple other shoe stores in Masonville Place, but I wasn't prepared to pay $265 for a pair of boots. And the styles were so awful! Suede things with no shape, or sneaker styles that came up the leg all wrapped around with ties. What's with the bondage boots? Anything professional looking comes with spikey heels and skinny legs. Oh, it is frustrating to be a big woman with large feet looking for a sensible boot that fits. So I gave up on women's boots and bought these:

Men's size nine, $79.00. They fit like a dream and I think I'll actually be able to walk in the snow with them. Imagine that!


  1. I hear your pain. My daughter wears size 12 shoe. Finding anything that hasn't got a 4 inch heel in almost impossible. Unless you want to invest a few hundred bucks. sigh She has had some luck at Pick and Pay. You just have to find the right one.
    She is why I knit socks, and now gloves.
    Woah those are some fabulous gloves. I stand in awe of your wonderful thumb gussets. You can see I am a bit fixated on gloves just now

  2. I know what you mean, I was out last week on a search for new ones. I finally found some that were at Wal Mart. I love basic boots, nothing weird.
    Is your son attending the Remembrance day parade with the Air Cadets? I'll be there with the Sea Cadets :)

  3. Those are great gloves! They might be dangerous to stare at after a bottle of wine. But I suppose that won't be an issue with the wearer ;o)

  4. Been there, done that with the boot shopping. I don't think there's any type of shopping more painful. I think you picked out a perfect pair! Very nice.

  5. Love the gloves -- very op art.

    I need some new boots this year too. Guess I should get on that, eh.

  6. Handsome boots. I'm going the same aging wide feet won't stand for any funny stuff.

    I finished the book you loaned me. Can I take you out for a coffee to say thanks?


  7. Love your boots. Someone could write a thesis about the discrimination in pricing between women's and men's clothing/foot wear. Me, I'm hoping the bad weather will hold off until the retailers get anxious to move stock and put on a big sale. Wishful thinking eh?

  8. Hah, and here I am writing the eighth post, and whining about boot shopping too!

    Last year I bought men's boots cos I have a small foot but it's wide. And a man's size 4-5 is so much wider than a woman's 7.

    PS. Love the gloves :-)

  9. I have a normal size foot but usually buy men's boots anyway because the emphasis is on sturdiness instead of fashion.

    DD wears a 10-11 and we find shoes for her at outlet stores like Marshall's. They never have my more common size, but they usually have hers.

    Those gloves are excellent. Won't be lost in the snow!

  10. I LOVE your gloves! Very cool pattern in black/red!

  11. The boots look great, but not as great as those mittens! AWESOME!

  12. The mittens look great and I love those boots!

  13. I see you got the gloves done after all. Nice job. And don't worry about the feet. Mine are like that too. Don't go shopping for the style you want, but check out what' available in that size. It can be a pain at times.

  14. I'm sure you also noticed that most boots don't have treads on them either. Doesn't make for good doggie walking. Looks like you found a good pair!