Sunday, January 04, 2009

Loading the Queue, Bucking the Trend

While many knit bloggers lament the number of projects they have on the needles, I'm actually trying to cast on several right now. I've found that when I'm really busy with work, it can be hard to start a new project. I get overwhelmed and end up impulsively casting on a rash choice. Or I slog away at a boring project that I don't love. So, while I'm still fresh from the holidays, I'm loading my queue with a variety of projects to suit whatever mood I happen to be in.

Here's where my needles stand poised:
  1. I have the final 5 bees to knit on the Bee Fields shawl. That's a great yarn, a pattern I know, and just a short dash left to the finish before the magic of lace blocking.
  2. A Noro ribbed scarf. For me. I'm thinking that this will liven up my black fall and spring jacket. The colors are 205, and 244.

  3. A vest for Jim. The yarn is Fleece artist and once I picked it up, I could not place it back down. These are huge 250g skeins each containing 425meters. The label says it is Special Leba, a blend of 65% kid, 20% wool and 15% nylon. That's a good blend for socks, but I think I'd rather put these colors on more prominent display.

  4. I've ordered sweater quantities of yarn for both my parents from Elann. My Mom is getting Peruvian Highland Donegal in Deep Lavender for the Susie Hoodie. Dad is getting Peruvian Highland Wool in Deep Twilight for a pullover with a twisted stitch front. I knit them both something small for Christmas in anticipation of knitting them something big afterwards, when I have more time. They helped pick the pattern and they yarn colors. The other bonus is that since it's not a surprise, I'll be able to get them to try it on for best fit.
This list is rounded out by simple knits like socks and and a garter stitch scarf. So, anyone else loading up their needles with knits for winter? It looks to be a long cold January and February.


  1. I'm trying to load 'em up, but not making much progress yet! I've been swatching and stash diving and browsing Rav. Have some candidates, but haven't settled on the next big thing. Susie was high on the list as a possibility! For now, I'm filling the space with some charity hat knitting. It's making me twitchy not to have a plethora of projects, but I know they'll come!

  2. You go, Girl! Cast on like crazy!
    My knit group is having a Group Knit-A-Long..Feel Like A Floozy and cast on a new project every day for the first week of 2009! So far, I've started about 5 new projects. Not sure if I'll finish all of them, but it's really fun to just cast on with wild abandon! Happy New Year!

  3. While trying to finish the Christmas knitting (why, yes, I AM behind, why do you ask?) I'm simultaneously casting on new projects. A Poinsettia Cowl, *another* pair of Selbuvotter gloves, Jared's mittens from the Fall '07 Vogue, oh my...
    And I'm eyeing the yarn I got for Christmas, just itching to cast on something - as soon as I can decide what to make.

  4. Oooh I am the same way -- whenever I don't feel well, for whatever reason, I don't have the brainpower to start new projects. If I don't have enough stuff on the go I get very frustrated!

  5. Oooo - I love the rich colours of the Peruvian Highland Wool.

    I wonder what 'Highland' means.

  6. Gods save me from project monogamy. I just finished a crocheted wrap for the CoM, and that's *all* I worked on for the past two weeks. (Poke my eyes out, please...) Not even looking at the dreamy faces of Alan Rickman and Ewan McGregor helped.

    So cast on like a wild woman, I'm behind you all the way!

  7. Wow! That is quite a queue. I am trying to finish up a few things that have languished too long in a dark corner. Trust me I always have waaaay to many things on the needles. It may explain why I have to keep buying needles.