Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Home is a Frat House

A dog, two teen-aged sons and their friends have turned my home into a haven of video games, thumps and yells, endless snacks and clutter. Patrolling this chaos is my husband Jim, who greatly deserved his modest Father's day celebrations. Jim has always done laundry and week day cooking, but since being out of work he has also taken on extra chores, he helps me with the grocery shopping and has even learned how to bake. This past week he made bagels! And they were very yummy.

I'm so proud of him: of the great role model he is, of how he has grown since I have known him and how he still can surprise me after almost twenty years together.

Happy Father's Day honey!

As a Father's day gift for both Jim and my dad, I knit the ubiquitous Fiber Trends felted clog:

Sort of looks like I was knitting for the dog...


  1. Cooking, cleaning and grocery shopping?

    I'd say he's a keeper. :)

  2. My dh is the main at-home parent here too. Three cheers for the guys who step up to do what needs to be done and the women lucky enough to have found them!

  3. I've been living in a frat house for years! Along with the video games, food, clutter thumps and yells, we've now added electric quitars and a full drum set to this house!
    Sounds like Jim is a keeper :-)

  4. Jim certainly earned his clogs!

  5. Your guys look wonderful. Bagels are tricky -- what an accomplishment!

    Our house is super quiet. The only noise is when I run the wash or dishwasher, when I play music on the stereo, or vacuum. It's so quiet I open the windows so at least I have the birdsong to listen to. DD has always been a silent person so the only way I know she's home is if her shoes are by the coat rack. Very different from your lively world!

  6. My friend's husband is out of work too and the stress is wreaking havoc on their relationship. Hope you are faring better than she.