Sunday, June 13, 2010

If You can't say Anything Nice...

My teenage boys are very tall.  I call them lurch and slouch.  They are fun loving kids with an excellent sense of humour and a well-developed sense of play, watching stupid videos on the net and playing video games all day. They've taken on quite a bit of household chores while I'm away in Waterloo, including cooking, dishes and cleaning bathrooms.  I just spent 15 minutes arguing with my eldest about why the dishes should be done NOW and not later. We miss each other, but they understand the importance of my work to the family. I've just been told that life is a lot easier when I'm not around during the week.

I'm still working on my red shawl.  It's a freaking blob of crimson stitches that never ends.  But it's not photogenic at this stage.  It's not much of anything but potential.

Next weekend, Jim is coming to Waterloo for a visit, so I don't know if I'll have a blog post then.  Not to worry, because the week after that I'm on vacation, Alex has his graduation, and the shawl should be complete.  Please have patience with me till then.   Teenage years are a phase and this too shall pass...


  1. Three adolescent males (come on, you know Jim fits in this category too) playing bachelor all week? Yeah, I can imagine how *that* goes. I'd love to be a fly on the wall for the last few hours before you're due home each week.

    You're better off not thinking about it. Focus on the freaking blob. :-)

    For the record, mine are fishing (Scott), playing video games (Jesse), and watching youtube (Leah) right now. But hey, I'm blog surfing,

  2. This too will indeed pass. And in the end, all too quickly.

    But then, down the road a little, you will have grand-parenthood (or as I call it, revenge) to enjoy - stuff the kids with sugar, wind them up, and send them home ;o)

  3. Laurie
    You have a lot more patience than I ever did with teeners. I would have left all that stuff in! And written it in CAPITAL LETTERS!

  4. Hang in there. It will indeed pass, but that doesn't mean it isn't going to be a pain in the tuchus all the same :)

    I love the color of your "blob" - so rich and inviting!

  5. When my teens get obnoxious I have had great success laughing and hugging them and telling them their "little fusses" are so cute. It drives them nuts to be considered "cute" while they're trying to be tough and hurtful.

    Then I leave the area and go knit.

  6. I'm there too and loving it most of the time. It amazes me how much they can forget, lose, eat...

  7. Awesome!! A night without the teenagers.

  8. How did the date go? Details!!