Saturday, July 03, 2010

Live or Let Rip

I'm almost finished the fourth strip for my Lizard Ridge afghan and I have finally decided, after weeks of effort, that perhaps this isn't a very pretty strip.  In fact it may be the ugliest strip ever knitted for a Noro blanket. 

Perhaps it will look better in context.  Once it is surrounded by the other strips, this fugly one may pick up some tips on looking good from its peers.  Or it may be that this strip will make the others look even prettier just by being near them, like a homely bridesmaid in a wedding party.  

I've decided to finish it.  After all, I won't really know until all the strips are blocked and laying out together.  If I think it ruins the blanket I can always buy more yarn (I'm good at that) and make a new strip. 


  1. Laurie, you really can't tell until you've done the rest of it. It's like colours - they can look dull or hideous on their own, but place them next to another one (ah but which one, that's the million dollar question and one I haven't always been able to answer) and they look spectacular.

    Keep going. If it doesn't work out in the end, make a pet bed with the fragments and blame everything on me.

  2. Hm. Yeah, sort of an ugly duckling there, but it just might become a swan when among the others. Just keep knitting. :-)

  3. Never know, it might end up being the best looking strip there is.