Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fric Frac Farg!

Fiddlesticks.  What a frustrating week.  Spinning is a disaster.  It's not even acceptable art yarn.  See:

Over spun, under spun, horribly plied.  The book said plying was a snap compared to spinning.  They lied.  Each little balls of singles went into a coffee cup and was tensioned around the handle.  Things were going okay until I found myself plying three strands together.  What the fric? The outside of the ball got caught on the wool coming from the inside of the ball.  That's when I discovered that spinning is not like knitting and you can't rip back your work.  Unplying is not a word for a reason.

But I'm not giving up.  Oh no.  I'm angry-frustrated.  Frac it! I'm going to learn to do this.  I have a deep want for my own handspun yarn.  I'm disappointed that it's not going to be the effortless process it seems to be for some.  Pat, I'm looking at you.  Though I did go back to your blog and note that you had lessons from others.  I think that's what I'm missing. So I've signed up for some spindling lessons and the Forest City Knit Club will be doing some spinning for their first meeting.

In other news, Noro Blankie is a backstabber.  I spent an entire evening with her, sewing up one of her seams.  There's only one more to go.  When I started to put that one more to the rest of the blanket, it was too long.  This is the panel I ADDED length too.  Farg!!  So now I've got to take out what I added, and then take out what's too long. 

This week has caused me to wonder at my own abilities and decide I'm not much more than a fumble-handed hack.

At least I can still knit socks.


  1. You are brave Laurie! I have been spinning (with only limited success) for a few years and I still only ply two strands at a time. I have never had the nerve to try three!

  2. Not only can you knit socks, BUT you're also the SHAWL QUEEN with a gigantic word vocabulary!!

  3. Hang in there chickie, the challenges are what make us stronger & better at what we do.

    P.S. a little birdy once said that learning the concept of spinning on a wheel makes spinning on a spindle that much easier. :)

  4. Fumbled Handed Hack. LOL For me, I would add- brain dead pattern reader, impulsive non-thinking knitter etc etc etc. We've all been there.

  5. Fumbling while learning new skills = perfectly cool.

    Being stagnant, never stretching and, therefore, never fumbling = dead.

    You're doing fine. :-)

  6. I took a private half day lesson a few years ago (private so no one could see me make a fool of myself!).

    The instructor had the patience of Job, and spent the entire day with me. I came home with a tiny Charlie Brown skein of yarn. And by skein, I mean about 10 feet.

    Ah memories!

  7. That is exactly how your first yarn is supposed to look. Granted Pat is the exception. The only thing that will make you a better spinner is practice and more practice!

  8. Yes, you are the SHAWL QUEEN! It was agreed at knitting on Friday LOL. And your first skeins of yarn look lovely :-)

    A lesson or two and you'll be spinning like a champ. I'm certain of that. And AMEN to practice, practice, practice :-)

  9. Sometimes the learning curve feels more like a ski hill covered in ice. :-) It may not feel like it, but for a first yarn, you're doing wonderfully!!

    For spindling especially, it is Much Easier to wind the two singles into a ball, keeping even tension, and then just add the plying twist.

    There's a great group on Ravelry: that's full of all sorts of hints and tips and links to videos, etc.

  10. Oh, no! I'm with you on the spinning thing. Just want to smack anyone who tells me how freakin' easy it is. However...I just bought a new spindle over the weekend, and my spinning has improved about a thousand percent. I now have hope!~

    Oh, and knitting socks is no piece of cake - don't sell yerself short! :-)