Sunday, July 10, 2011


The family is packed and about ready to head out for a week at a cottage in the wilds of Ontario. 

We'll be staying near the Bruce Peninsula and have plans to hike, swim, canoe and just plain relax.  Except, we're not off to a good start. We've got the typical pre-vacation stresses such as:
  • A heavy work week leading up to vacation in order to tidy up loose ends.
  • Husband injuring his pinky finger at work (likely in haste to get things done)
  • Cleaning, packing and loading up the vehicles.
  • A grumpy eldest son, who is "wasting a week of his life" for us.
  • A dog with a mysteriously swollen eye. It appeared just after an early morning walk designed to tire him out before the trip. We're pretty sure it's a bug bite and hoping it responds to Benadryl.
  • Vacation knitting that didn't pan out warranting a swift change of plans. No time to cast on - my fingers are crossed that this version of yarn will work with the pattern.
I have a finished knit to show you, and some laceweight yarn that I spun (my first!) but as you can tell not a lot of time or energy to show you properly. Wish us luck that the vacation ends better than it began.


  1. It's always like that right before a trip. Makes you wonder if it's even worth it, doesn't it?
    But it is! No doubt about it!

  2. Oh dear! I have a week of this pre-vacation to still survive. I laughed out loud at the teenager's remark. Same here. You would think that I am killing her slowly.

  3. Sounds about right, pre-vacation hustle. I hope all goes well and the eye isn't a poke!

  4. Hope you have a great vacation. We are heading up north in a couple of weeks as well.

  5. Have a great vacation Laurie! Hopefully you are able to avoid both the bugs and the teenage attitude. The funny thing is when he is older he will most likely look back on this holiday as a great family time. :-)

  6. Hope you guys have a totally awesome vacation. I'm sure the oldest will settle down to some fun family times once he's out there!

    Oh, I met your neighbour, Jami, the other day out at TBB :-) Ponds all around you!

    See you when you're back :-) Stay safe!

  7. Anonymous11:10 pm

    You should check out Manitoulin Island. It is Ojibwa for Gods Land. Just hop on the chichiman and away you go. The ride over is great. it's like being on the ocean. Or what I assume is the ocean since I have never been on one.
    Just check it out on line, lovely place for fishing, swimming and sunning and of course.. knitting in the sunshine! I am from North Ontario, an hour from The Island. (as we locals call it) it's the largets freshwater island in the world. It truely is Gods land.