Saturday, August 06, 2011

Sharing the good and the bad

I've got two items to share with you, which shall we start with?

Let's see, I guess we'll start with the good first. I've finished another pair of handspun socks, by best so far.

I'm so much in love with these, I don't know if I can stand to wear them anywhere. The fiber is by Lofty Fibres, a super wash silk and merino blend that I hope will last. I used the fractal spinning method, spinning one of the singles with long repeats of color and the other single with short bursts of color. I know a two-ply isn't the best for durable socks, but... so pretty!

And now for the bad. One morning this week I decided it was time to sew on the sleeve to a sweater I'm making for Jim. I haven't finished knitting the second sleeve yet, but I decided that it wouldn't hurt to get a jump on things. I worked on it for well over an hour, seaming, pulling it out, and seaming again. That evening I told Jim he had to try it on. Thank goodness he did before I started seaming the side and sleeves because the cap of the set-in sleeve had a decided puff. Jim is not a puff sort of man.

It's not so bad. I had a good laugh, I hope you have had a good laugh and it was easily ripped out again. That's an hour of my life I won't get back, but it's another learning experience under my belt.


  1. LOVE the socks!! Too bad about the sweater but at least you found out now. Happy reknitting!

  2. argh for sleeve caps that don't play nicely, but woot for pretty socks!

  3. Lovely socks.

    Glad you found out about the sleeve now, because like you said, it would have been worse.

  4. Trying on is a MUST! And willingness to rip/revise too.
    I'm making a 2T size for my two-year old who is 4,000+ miles away. No trying on but when I put it on a hanger to model I discovered how tight the bind-off is at the collar (pullover)... Rethinking: Rip out entire collar and make a button opening, or attempt a looser bind-off? Good thing we have hangers!! LOL