Monday, November 21, 2011

How to make a spinner crazy

Here's how I spin yarn:
  1. Spin the singles. Critically evaluate every inch for consistency, but fail to take a sample to check against. Tell yourself you're doing it by instinct.
  2. Pause in single spinning because you're sure it's going badly.
  3. Ply the singles. Briefly admire the resulting yarn.
  4. Ply the second half of the singles. Get bummed out because the second half looks different than the first half.
  5. Pause in plying because your sure it's not going to be any good.
  6. Grumpily finish the plying.
  7. Compare the two skeins. Marvel how remarkably similar they are.
  8. Put the wheel away before you drive your self crazy.
This project started as 19oz of Shetland roving, color blueberry.
I divided it up into 6 portions of approximately 85 grams each, which worked with my plan to spin all the singles first as I own 6 bobbins. That was a long haul.

I intended to spin a DK weight, but I think the result is more of a heavy fingering. I may need to find a new pattern to work this yarn up. Still, it is moderately pretty...
And even better, the two skeins are remarkably consistent, considering my earlier trepidation. I think the lighter weight may be a bonus, becuase I'm sure to have a good yardage out of the fiber I started with.

However, don't expect me to start a project out of this real soon. I think I need a break from blueberry for a while. Still, anyone know of a good pattern for a plus size vest or shrug in fingering weight?


  1. Very, very impressed. Nineteen ounces. My goodness.

  2. you just might be a perfectionist if...


  3. Oh that colour is fabulous! 'Can't wait to see what it all becomes next!

  4. Beautiful plying. I had to enlarge the photo to see that it was a 2-ply. I can imagine how bored you must have been spinning all that. I'm doing the same with natural. I totally understand the obsession thing as you spin. A vest would be great in that blue.

  5. IS a 3-ply! That's even more amazing.

  6. Congratulations on your pretty yarn!

  7. Your yarn looks pretty nice Laurie. Try not to put so much pressure on yourself when it comes to spinning. Remember it's supposed to be relaxing and fun:-)