Sunday, February 12, 2012


Contrary to popular opinion of black being THE best color for a cool hat for boys, my son picked this iridescent yarn by Caper sock yarn called Didgeridoo. I worked the Windschief pattern using two strands  held together which gave me a smooshy fabric with out any of the pooling typical to a sock yarn. Instead, it bended together into this:

And the result? The boy loves the hat! He wore it to school and when I asked him how his hat was he said "Fine." Which is high praise from a 15 and a half year old boy. He even modeled it for me for pictures

Cute eh? Except his brother and best friend both told him he looked like a hipster. Alex didn't seem to mind that much. Also, notice the sweater vest? He got that for Christmas and hasn't stopped wearing it since.  I see a possible opening to put a knit vest on this kid....

In other news, I spun some beautiful yarn. A merino silk blend, this was the yarn I was planning to make up into a cool hat, but Alex choose the other yarn. I'm not disappointed, because I get to keep this for myself.

It's a three ply with lots of loft and softness. I was aiming for a worsted weight and I think I may have hit the mark, though I'd have to swatch to know for sure.

And, I also picked up some light reading at Cotton-by-Post:

I pre-ordered the book, so I only paid 35 bucks which I think is a steal. It has the heft of a university tome, but the writing is not nearly so heavy. June writes in a clear and light manner. I was sifting through it and found myself sucked in, learning this and that. Perfect reading material for a snow February Sunday.


  1. Love the hat! It looks awesome! Now I'm off to learn more about this book. :)

  2. Very coolio indeed. I rmemmber those days of long haired teenage boys. Our oldes is now bald. Funny how life works.

  3. High praise, indeed. I too have a 15 1/2 year old creature living in my house. I take praise any way it comes!

  4. The hat turned out awesome! Bad English I know, but the 15yr old will understand LOL.

    Isn't the book great! I love mine too!

  5. Great knitting on the hat to get no pooling. Can't believe the son is so grown up.
    Thanks for the head's up about the booking coming back into print. I've seen it for outrageous prices on various online auctions. I've got it on order from Amazon, to ship tomorrow. Can't wait!

  6. Oh that's such a coincidence! I have recently acquired the same book, for free!!! And I love the hat.

  7. Maureen2:42 pm

    He looks great in it, nice lid. I love the colour and it suits him. I have been informed that grey, medium grey, is the new black re: teen boys and heads. Not, of course, the charcoal grey that I have by the ton. Next week, it'll be chartreuse.

  8. WOW! He was willing to model the hat!

    Your blue yarn is lovely.