Sunday, November 02, 2014

Mitten Immersion

It's been a super fantastic, wonderful weekend. I spent two and a half days at the Little Red Mitten learning about mittens from Beth Brown-Reinsel. 

Before the weekend, I put a hustle on the gloves and got them done in a record time of 12 days. I am so proud of them, I took several victory laps showing them off to all and sundry.

Look at the point pinky tip:

I'm already plotting and planning a pair for Jim. They yarn is picked, and now I'm on the hunt for the right motifs. 

But not this weekend. This weekend I did this:
And together the whole class did this:

And I also learned how to do twined knitting so now I've started to do this:

Which is like a whole brand new way to knit. It's twined knitting. I've tried it before, but Beth's teaching made it click and now I'm off and running.

Even gaining an extra hour today, from falling back to standard time, there still isn't enough time to do all the knitting I want to do. 


  1. What's the advantage of the 3-way closure to the pinky, instead of flat, like all the others?

    I did a pair of twined mittens many years ago. Was a cool exercise. Is there a trick I should know about or do you still need to untwist every once in a while?

  2. Reply to your email: Nope, no advantage *needed* and it DOES look cool. I just wondered if it made for a better fit or something, since I've never done that kind of decrease for glove fingers so I have no experience with it.

    The half hitch around the ball of yarn is how I remember untwisting on my twined mittens too. I had fun making the one pair I did.

    Thanks for the lovely post!

  3. Your gloves are gorgeous. And what fun your weekend must have been.