Tuesday, March 01, 2016

My Little Ray of Rainshine

Ah now! This project was a pleasure from start to finish and I expect it to be a joy to wear. This little shawlette is Rainshine, knit from my own lace weight handspun:

It all started back in September when I bought 50 grams of Camel/Silk blend hand dyed by Tabi of Sericin Silkworks at the Kitchener-Waterloo Knitter's Fair. I spun it into a fine lace weight. I remember it being a pleasure to spin and I adored all the blues.

Boo Knits pattern seemed the only pattern that could possibly suit the yarn. Other than a halt to wait for beads to arrive in the mail, which incidentally resulted in the creation of Oolong the dragon, this knit was completely stress free. Fiddley with the beads, but that's not stressful, just time consuming.

Blocking these crescent shawls is fun, because you don't have to do anything with the top edge. Just pin out those points and boom!

It makes for a wearable shape that hugs the shoulders, even on a coat hanger.

Let's close out with a bling shot. BLING!


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