Sunday, February 04, 2007

Moving into Oregon

All credit for the cleverness of the Spiral Yoke sweater go to Meg Swanson and credit for the appropriate yarn selection goes to my husband. It's almost like the sweater was their offspring and I was merely the midwife. Oh now, that's just weird.

I'm curious as to how the Patons SWS will hold up to wear. I think I've already seen a bit of fuzzing up happening on Jim's shoulders. Remind me to post a update on this topic in the spring.

I'm well on my way with my Oregon vest, past the ribbing and into the leaf at the bottom. I'm really enjoying this knit. The yarn is soft, and I just can't get over the colors. They they blend so gently in the purl section of the ribbing, that you'd never know there are 4 or 5 colors there. I've got my post-it note going along in my chart and it hides what's to come next giving me a surprise at the end of the row. Every time a new color is added, the knit feels different. Isn't it funny, to get a feeling from just pieces of colored string?


  1. That looks great Laurie. Two-color ribbing drives me crazy. I love the way it looks I just hate doing it.

    I'll be curious about how the SWS holds up too.

  2. I really like the colors on this and the way it looks.

  3. WOW Laurie - that is going to be a spectacular vest!! Gorgeous colors

  4. oooh, niiice! some day i am gonna try a fair-isle sweater . . .. some day.