Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Zoom zoom

Knitting this felt like knitting a race track for Hot Wheels.

I bought this Noro Silk Garden for my birthday back in November and I've been dreaming dreams and scheming schemes of what to do with it ever since. I even bought a Noro book which helped me get some ideas. For one, it let me know that I probably didn't have enough yarn for the sweater of my dreams. For another, I learned that some of the Noro yarns are pretty much interchangeable.

Then this weekend, I was up at 5 on Saturday morning, I reached for a back issue of Knitters and the page fell open to this.

I had the right yardage, the Silk Garden would substitute so I cast on with the recommended needle size. But then, I ripped the cast-on off and switched needles because I wanted to knit with my Addi Turbos, even though they were a different size. Ordinarily, this should be a recipe for disaster, but I actually got gauge. If I had continued with my first pick needles I would have had to start over anyway! Weird, huh?

Everything about this project is weird. Dolmen sleeves. Huh. I have a theory that the Silk Garden will be very drapey and mitigate the fullness of the dolmen sleeve. That, and the fact that I have some front acreage that needs coverage, if you get my meaning-age.


  1. LMAO - you know, just for a brief moment, I thought you were knitting a thong! LOL

  2. Roggey and I had the same first thought! Great looking sweater and it is so nice when you get gauge! Do you find that sometimes you get gauge on the sample, but as you relax and get knitting away that you lose gauge - where does gauge go! Perhaps away with all the 'other' socks!

  3. I thought it was a thong too.

    Do I understand it correctly that this shape is the foundation for the jacket? I hope you show us more as this piece evolves.

  4. Lynne E.12:39 pm

    It would have been a very nice thong, but I'm rather relieved that it is something else! :-)

  5. Thong! My goodness, I should have included something for scale. This thing is huge! My butt is big, but not on the same proportion as this thing. :-)

  6. OK - I'm going to have to wait to see you knit this - I don't get it....The finished sweater is GORGEOUS!

  7. several of my students made this sweater, one of them as her first sweater ever, and really enjoyed knitting it!

  8. ruth915:29 am

    Just love it! What a great way to use up all the Noro in the stash (yes, isn't it great the way they (almost) all can go together!) Can't wait to see the progress and now I'm going to hunt around to find the/a similar/pattern.