Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Can't Stop to Blog....

Too busy knitting to a deadline.

Father's Day Socks
Vintage Patton's Pattern
Scheepjees Yarn

I'm fond of grey. Many of you told me that you don't care for it much. That's okay, more for me! Grey goes with anything, it shows patterning well, and it reminds me of soft, lovely things, like doves, sheep, water-smoothed pebbles and fluffly clouds. Just this week, I traded some of my leftover Rowan to Raveler RuthD for this:

Lucky me! I think it's gorgeous. It's Wild Geese alpaca(90%)/merino(10%) on the left and Ruth's own handspun on the right.

Big thanks goes to Frieda Pelletier for donating to the Heart and Stroke Foundation and the Big Bike Ride.

Okay, back to the Dad socks. They've gotta be ready for Sunday....


  1. Grey is but a blank canvas for one as you who works textural magic with enchanted needles.

    Others among us need to rely on fancy colours to infer magic, no matter how many needles we use ;o)

  2. You can do it , you're almost there ! BTW , Happy Father's Day to the recipient !

  3. I love grey - always have. But you were right to tell me it's a colour you save to knit in the spring or summer when it so nice out. Still it goes with it all and will always be my fav!

    The socks look awesome. Hope you bring yer new stuff to be peted! (missed you at WWKIPday!)