Monday, June 16, 2008

Dad's Glory Days

Dad's socks were done in time for Father's Day, but I couldn't give them to my Dad. Unfortunately, we had colds in our house and my parents would just as soon not catch one. I called Dad up though and we had a nice chat on the phone for over an hour.

Last time we visited Dad gave me some old photographs of himself. (Click for bigger.)

Wasn't he cool? The writing in the dust on the bottom of the car reads "Luella loves Chester." That young couple would be my future godparents. It tickles me to see evidence that my oh so proper aunt was once young and giddy in love.

Here's Dad on his motorbike:

There are two things that I notice in this picture. First, my fashionable pop has a chain attached to his wallet. Second, there are two young ladies discretely watching from the window.

I'm really glad to put these photos of my Dad on the internet. It's nice to have one's glory days remembered...


  1. OMG! Your dad is James Dean!

  2. My DH use to be James Dean also. I think he was all over the place, LOL. Love the pictures and how two admirers were caught at the window. Sweet.

    This was my 1st Father's Day without my Dad, so we went to see the Grandkids for the weekend.

  3. Great photos ! Isn't it fun to go back in time with family pics . You sometimes see your parents in a whole new light . Thanks for sharing ...

  4. Those pictures are so cool! I love the writing in the dust as well.

    Nice socks!

  5. My dad has a picture with his bike too and the funny thing is, that he tells me all the time they are dangerous. Hmmm. I'm sure your dad will enjoy those socks, once he gets them.

  6. Great pics of you Dad!! I love old B&W pics