Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Last night I enjoyed the company of my peeps at the knit club's pot-luck held at Lynn's beautiful home. The summer evening was devine, the food was delish, and I perversly enjoyed being taunted and called out for a devilish yarn choice.

If you remember, I'm working on the Sandy Cardigan (ravel it) from Big Girl Knits using a lovely Noro colorway that one astute reader noticed would be perfect with jeans. I'm really enjoying the simple pattern of garter stitch before the complicated fitting stage. I started sewing up the back just for fun.

Doesn't the blurry picture make the colors look nice? Anyway, I've decided that the bulky weight yarn just won't do, so I struck out for London Yarns to find an alternate. Even Jim doesn't think that the grey stash yarn will do the sweater justice. It was difficult, but I found one that makes the colors pop.

Every color sings with this shade. It might be hard to see, but it's a navy heathered with a rich red. There's only one little problem with this yarn:

Can you read it? It says 80% Acrylic %20 Wool.

Catherine at the potluck was not going to let me live down the idea of a sweater made with acrylic and Noro. I tried to explain how the yarn is soft, the color is perfect, and even how the acrylic would be in the location of most wear, where ventilation is requried and was therefore superior to wool in this instance. To no avail! She laughed and shouted me down. I must confess, I enjoyed it a bit.

So what do the rest of you think? Time for me to try a poll!


  1. It doesn't matter what we or your friends say - it's what you think that matters. But that color is perfect!!

  2. Oh for heavens sake! It's your project. Do it the way you want. Who cares what everyone else thinks. But, since you seem to be interested-that color goes great with the noro. I'd use it.

  3. You'll never know if you don't try it. The colour match is excellent. And it is on colour alone, IMVHO, that Noro can lay any claim!

  4. One thing I'd consider is how much it's going to bother you to be wearing acrylic and Noro. If every time you put it on, you cringe at your audacity, that should tell you something. If not, go for it!

  5. You're right Laurie...the colour you picked is the perfect match and sometimes you just can't find what you really want in the yarn you want. What you've sew up looks awesome!

    I couldn't combine Noro with Acrylic. It should be a commandment "though shall not combine wool and acrylic" LOL. I'd get my dye kit out first and exhaust all possibilities. Just my humble opinion though. Bit of a yarn snob I'm afraid!

  6. It is amazing how far acrylic has come and yet... it still has such a bad rep. :)

    I say if it doesn't bother you, go for it. Who knows how long you will have to wait for a wool that matches just as well!

  7. Do you think she would have even known it was acrylic if you hadn't told her? If you like it, knit it!

  8. it's a hard call. I think the only thing that would make me hesitate would be how the two would wear together. Will the one be to harsh on the other thereby creating wear on the seaming? Who knows, but in the end the only opinion that counts is yours.