Friday, July 04, 2008

Muddling on....

Aside from a stubborn, painful cough and several days of grey, rainy skies, it's been a pretty nice vacation. We've had a nice mix of activities, including a family picnic, going to the movies and a very nice game of mini-golf with my parents on Canada day. But the cough is wearing me down. I don't think I took proper care of myself because of the vacation excitement. It's getting to be terribly annoying.

Of course, there's been knitting. Not as much as I had envisioned I would do at the start of vacation. I had plans to frog or pick up some UFOs, but when it came right down to it, I wanted to have fun instead. So I started another pair of mittens:

Pattern: #31 from Knitting Marvelous Mittens by Charlene Schurch
Yarn: mostly Kroy, but other sock yarns too
Needles: 2.25mm bamboo

Last time I tried to knit these, I ran out of the light grey yarn. This time, I used virgin sock yarn, Paton's Kroy, that I got on sale at half price. Actually, I'm loving the Kroy. I need to make some textured socks with this stuff, I think it would look great.

I love this pattern so much. It's a gem! But these mitts are slow going, they're 92 sts around. I wanted the large size so I could give them to my brother-in-law, but they would also be a good size for me if I knit a pair of liners for them. I'll have to see if I can be a big enough person to give them away.

Now this pair will be easy to give away:

Pattern: Annemor #4 from Selbuvotter by Teri Shea
Yarn: Dale Falk
Needles: 3.25mm?

I can give these away easily because they don't fit me! The pattern as written is for a girl, and bigger yarn and needles did give me a bigger mitten, but not big enough. That's okay, I think I know who they need to go to...

The long shadows of a bright summer evening were a perfect time to get a shot of the texture in Jim's sweater:

It's almost ready for the underarm gusests. Which means I'm getting to the fudge it part. It's a tricky stage for a knit. So easy for it to turn into a UFO. Keep your fingers crossed for this one.


  1. The mitts are absolutely marvelous!

  2. Those mitts are looking great, I'd pick those over a ufo too.

  3. The mittens are really calling you.

  4. Those are some seriously fine looking mittens!

  5. Jim's sweater is beautiful (should I say handsome?).

    I really like Patons Kroy for textured socks. It's my dad's favorite so I use it often for his socks. Even the heathers show texture nicely. --syl