Monday, March 10, 2008


We were hit with another big snow storm on Saturday. There was only one thing to do, which was to hunker down and wait it out. I've been in hibernation mode ever since Christmas. I'm waiting for the weather to turn and bring me back my spunk. I feel like such a slug these days.

This weekend also brought the start of daylight savings time. We had sunny days on Sunday and Monday which made it worth while to lose a whole hour on the weekend. The down side of it is that it's pitch dark in the morning now, right when I'm taking Dexter to the dog park for a run.

The blowing snow inspired me to knit mittens, but my hibernating brain made a critical error. I don't think I have enough of the light grey to finish the mitten.
This pattern is from Charlene Schurch's Marvelous Mittens book using the same colors too. I think it looks really spiffy and I was planning to give it to Jim. I didn't even have a ball band left on the light grey wool, since it was leftovers from a pair of socks. I'm going to try heading down to Micheal's with a bit of the original yarn, just in case it was Kroy and I can get some more. Otherwise, this mitt is destined for the frog pond. At least I had fun during the snow storm, right?

I finished the fourth Trekking sock using a different color way for the last half. They all kind of blend it together nicely though.

Socks do not make a good substitute for flowers.


  1. Flowers, what a good idea!! (My brain is more than a little sluggish, too.)

  2. Anyone who ISN'T sluggish must live below the 49th!

    I really like that mitt pattern - I hope you find something to finish it with - t'would be a shame to frog it.

  3. Too bad about the mitten. Ah, we do need some flowers ... SOON!

  4. I'm always in awe of your mitten knitting talents!

  5. Crossing fingers you find a match for the yarn, the mitten is really cute.

    Socks do too make cute flowers! They look all slumped the way my flowers do too. ;)

  6. They may not be a good substitute, but they sure are pretty! Too bad about the grey yarn for the mittens. Did you find any to match?

    As soon as I saw the mitten picture, I thought, "She always makes the prettiest things!"

  7. Love the Trekking socks. I'm always amazed how pretty the colourways are - you get no idea at all from the wound ball, do you? And using yarn, knitted up or otherwise, as table decoration, is quite the fashion here too - I love cheering up an empty vase with a bouquet of bright colours. After all, it's high art, isn't it?