Monday, March 24, 2008

Local Treasure

Taking Dexter to obedience class, I always pass a little farm with 5 or 6 horses out to pasture and an shed decorated in a most intriguing manner. There's a laundry line, with a wooden cartoon sheep hanging from it and brightly painted wooden quilts are nailed to the exterior of the building. The upper story has a big window with a spinning wheel and a stuffed sheep visible from the road.

On Saturday I finally made a special trip just to visit the Wagon Shed. I should have brought my camera. The place is a magpie's nest of fiber and textiles. I found Kassy, the owner, sitting at her wheel spinning. A four-paned window behind her cast a warm light into the room and onto a hand-spun, hand-woven shawl draped over a loom. Kassy had embroidered dainty flowers on it. There was a open closet full of charming children's sweaters, and on the other side of the room there was a whole colony of wooly bears, each one unique.

Kassie had a student in, learning to spin. I couldn't decide if I wanted to flop down in a chair and work on my sock, or poke around the shop. I did both. I found collections of yarns, grouped by color, in bowls and on looms. I found a few caches of hand-spun too. I picked out some colors that spoke to me and played with them and arranged them to suit me.

It was difficult to talk price with Kassy. I think she loves her yarn too much to want to part with it. But I did manage to talk her into taking my money. I was just so inspired by the yarn. I think I want to make a hat, so I tried a swatch on Sunday.

I love the colors!

I want to knit a hat and bring it back to Kassy so it can live in her shop for awhile. I want her to feel like her hand-spun went to a good home. Next time I go, I promise to bring my camera so I can show you real pictures, instead of writing descriptive prose for you. But in the mean time, do go visit Kassy's website and poke around.


  1. Hey! I'm learning to spin with Kassy right now too...unfortunately I was sick this last I was not the student you saw ...and I missed seeing you...but Kassy IS great fun isn't she! Maybe next time you stop in ...I'll be sitting there attempting to spin something myself (I say attempting :-)

  2. Thanks for the link - what a cool place. Makes me want to dust of the spinning wheel I bought several years ago, and learn to use it!

  3. Oooh, here I just found you and Kassie and I am moving to Owen Sound region! Darn! Keep knitting though...the socks the soxophone player wore on Easter Sunday are awesome!

  4. I have been to the Wagon Shed too - last year or the year before. I found Kassy to be the same as you Laurie....unable to part with her yarn! In fact I didn't buy anything from her because it seemed to me that she simply didn't want to sell it! When I asked her about yardage, she laughed at me and said "who knows and who cares. I spin till I'm sick of the colour".

    I love the colours you got Laurie. They are lovely together!

  5. 'bout time you made it out there. It's a lovely place. Last time I was there she was sucked into working her giant loom. I still think about heading up there for lessons . . (love the swatch)