Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I like gum. I always have at least three packs of different flavours in my desk at work. I chew a piece after I have my coffee, my lunch, and I like a chew in the afternoon, when my mental energies start to lag.

Now doesn't this look like a big wad of pink bubble gum?

I've been chewing on this project for quite a while now. The pink seemed like a good idea when I started it, but towards the end, I was getting heartily sick of it. Another reason to like handpainted and variegated yarns, and color work.

There's some nice lace in there though. I just know it.

Blocking party this weekend!

Oh yes, and the sheep are telling us spring has arrived.


  1. Ooo, look at that mitten next to the basket. The pink bubble gum shawl is pretty.

  2. Can't wait to see this bubble gum "unwrapped". It looks very interesting. Hint, please.

  3. Holly sheep! LOL - ya, bubble gum pink has that effect on me too (still that lace looks yummy!)

  4. I'm sure the lace will be gorgeous (as usual with all your knitting)!

  5. That is one very pretty wad of pink bubble gum! I want one too!
    I love the sheep picture.