Wednesday, March 05, 2008

This Post is Brought to you by the Letter S

S is for spring, sunshine, socks and startitis...

Southern Ontario had another snow storm this morning which gave way to a beautiful sunny afternoon. Perfect for walking the dog and taking some pictures. I was mesmerized by the colors the sun brought out in my latest sock project.

The yarn is hand dyed by Doug, and the patterning is taken from Vinnland. I thought the yarn too dark to show the pattern well last night, but today in the sun, it just sings! Lovely, vibrant color. This much knitting occurred last night, but I should have been turning the heel on my fourth Trekking sock instead. I think it was disappointment that made me turn from it.

Clearly there will not be enough yarn to complete an entire sock. Not to worry, I have an oddment of Trekking in another color way that will work for the foot. Thank you to the kind reader who offered to send me more yarn.

All I can seem to knit these days is socks. There's still the red lace one. I've decided to start the second one before completing the leg on the first. Then I'll be able to take turns knitting each to maximize all the lovely red yarn. The sock is big on my blocker, but it fits nice on my foot.

There's also a pair of boot socks on the needles. Boring, brown, boot socks. Not part of today's post.

It's funny, but I'm not really worried about the startitis at all. I love all these projects, and the lace shawl too, and I'll get to the one by one, when I'm good and ready. Anyway, it's going around. Like a bad cold, there's nothing to do but wait it out.


  1. LOL it is too funny, I have some beautiful hand dyed from Doug also and was considering the very same pattern. :) I haven't casted it on yet cause I want something really beautiful for the yarn, eventually I will take the leap.

  2. I see your socks ... and wish I was at home knitting right NOW.

  3. Might one enquire casually why the HECK you aren't taking part in Sock Madness? With an addiction like that?