Sunday, October 26, 2008


I was reminded this weekend of the expansion/contraction cycle that a therapist once explained to me. He described how we expand our selves into connection with others or into emotional highs which are then followed by an inward contraction. It's like the tides, or even better, like breathing. Well this weekend I expanded on Saturday and contracted on Sunday.

The expansion on Saturday was due to a shopping trip wherein my very sweet husband bought me an expensive dress to wear to a formal Christmas party. It was his idea, he was delighted to do it and he even asked to come shopping with me and suggested the store to go to. He came into the change room with me while I tried on the dresses. There was one that took my breath away and his too. Even though it was a little more than we had planned to spend, he insisted I buy it. What a rush!! Both of us were giddy and thrilled with the purchase. So that was the expansion.

Sunday was grey, windy and wet. We stayed in, played a board game, read books and of course, I knitted some. I finished up two more Christmas presents this weekend, but was at a loss as to what to work on next. I got grumpy about it, so that was the contraction. I've sorted it out though and I'm thrilled with my next project. Expand.... See? Just like breathing.

No pictures of the dress today. I'll show you all when I get myself dolled up for the actual party. And no pictures of the thrilling new project. I didn't get it started till late tonight and I'm sure it won't photograph well in the dark. Of course, I do have pictures of my FOs. First up, the ubiquitous scarf.

This is just a moss stitch scarf. But the yarn is a mohair wool blend and knit loosely it makes an extra smooshy fabric. Love it!

Then this morning I knocked off a one-skein quickie, which is also a winner!

It's the Cable and Bobble headband from Interweave Knits, 2006. Yep, I even did the bobbles. They sort of looked like little flowers to me, or like jewels in a crown. I used Paton's Soy Wool Stripes and a 6mm needle. I added 4 extra stitches because of the smaller needle size. No gauge swatch for this super-quick project. I really like it. I may have to do another for myself.

Now back to the work week and a thrilling new knit project to take me through it. Yippee!


  1. I want to see that dress for sure. So, what did the lady in the store say when she saw your husband coming out of your dressing room? ;)
    That headband looks like it keeps your ears toasty warm.

  2. I saw this headband and fell in love, but I must admit that I've never knit a bobble before! Eek. It must be easy or there would be bobble classes and such. I will be contacting you if I get stuck. :)

  3. That green scarf is lovely, and totally wearable. It will be a favorite! Moss stitch is so warm and comfortable. Beautiful work.

    I cannot imagine taking my DH shopping for a dress. We've just gotten to the point where he can sort of help at the farmer's market. Your husband is extraordinary!

  4. Mark is awesome to shop with as well. Can't wait to see the dress, it feels so good when we find the right thing for us.

  5. Yup, I always say it's good to breathe in and out! I tend to do the former.....and when I'm almost like a puffer fish...BOOM! Thanks for reminding me to inflate and deflate!