Sunday, October 12, 2008

Time Flys

I generally try to blog once or twice a week, but I've missed the last couple of weeks entirely. Life became a cacophony of teenage angst, health concerns and stresses rather than the pleasant symphony I'd prefer. My policy for this blog is to always remember that it is a public space, and so for that reason I'm not going to go into a lot of details here. I can say that the teen angst, while painful to watch, seems like a good thing since it indicates emotional growth. And I can also say that the health concerns are minor, since we are monitoring things at a very early stage. As for stress, who doesn't have that in their life?! My challenge is to remember to nurture myself and maintain my connections through it all.

Most certainly there has been knitting. Just this morning I finished Durrow. But it deserves a post of it's own. Instead, here is some more gift knitting completed. A pair of super big socks for man-feet:

And a pair of Fetchings, modified for a different gauge:

I don't like them much because of the curl, so I'd do them differently the second time around. I still think they're gift worthy though. A non-knitter might not care, and a good blocking might sort out the curl.


  1. Good to see a Post from you; your silence was becoming a wee bit worrysome, I was hoping that it was just life getting in the way. Glad to hear everything is under control.

    Take care,

  2. Welcome back to blogland...I missed you!

    I get that curly edge on the non-hemmed finger end of the fingerless gloves I make on the sock machine. I can 'sort of' block it out - or at least reduce it - drying smoothed out between two heavy towels.

  3. Have missed reading your blog posts. I'm sorry to hear that health issues, teen issues and stress are the reasons. Glad to read that you're rising above it all. Love the socks!