Saturday, February 21, 2009

Happy Coping Strategy

Today, while walking Dexter, I had my head bent into the wind and yet I was still blasted with painful spikes of ice crystals on my upper lip. This felt like an wanton cruelty after the brief thaw and sun of last week. The streets had cleared of snow and ice, and I was walking in sneakers, with my head up. It was a revelation! Ah! I really am this tall, there are wonderful trees and houses to see. But now it is back to walking with my head bowed to be sure that I don't slip on the ice and to get a bit of protection from the wind.

It's good knitting weather, and yet I find my creative energies are low. I'm a solar-powered creature and I need the sun. I have been working on a sweater for my father and have completed the body almost to the arms. So I started a sleeve. Not exactly a thrilling or original tale. I have something much prettier to show you than a sweater in pieces. New sock yarn:

These beauties are from Wild Fire Fibres, an Etsy seller whom I found through Joli House. Three of these skeins are superwash Blue Faced Leicester and I'm very curious to see how they will knit up and wear. The fourth is a merino/bamboo blend. Regardless of the fibre, I'm in love with the colors. Oh and the price was very good and the shipping was swift. I can commend this shop on those accounts.

Anyone else up for some retail therapy?


  1. Nah. No retail therapy here. I'm on a mission to pay off our house. We even have some gift certs to a LYS and aren't using them yet because we don't need anything. All 4 of us are heading out to a knitting and spinning weekend on Friday, though, and there will be vendors there, so chances are good that we'll come home with a little something. :-)

  2. OMG. Those colors are astounding. I think that yarn could cure many, many ills.

  3. Anonymous10:17 am

    I have just finished a pair of socks knit out of BFL that a friend brogugh back from Britain and they are lovely! The fiber has a sort of shimmer to it and is very, very soft. It looks like you have enough new sock yarn to knit your way into spring. Enjoy!


  4. I'm solar-powered, too, which is unfortunate here in northern Vermont. We had a bit of sunshine yesterday, but today is Winter Storm again. Just what I needed, another foot (or foot and a half) of snow...
    Just looking at your sock yarn makes the world a little brighter! Enjoy the knitting.

  5. I miss the sun too. Someone mentioned to me that tanning was a quick fix for this - but who had the $ for that?

    We should do tea some time!

  6. Mmmm. Tasty looking sock yarns. Thanks for the link ;o)

  7. I like that - solar-powered. I am as well and fortunately we've had beautiful weather in the 60's and sunny most of the last week.