Sunday, April 19, 2009

Life goes on..

With very small variations but no great excitement, life goes on. After the obsession, and Easter, I reverted back to a purple lace piece I started back in... February! Whew, it's been a while. I had to splice in a second ball of yarn and I'm almost finished the third repeat.

Debbie over at Live and Let Learn! sent me some new stitch markers to try out and I've been using them on this project. They're glass rings. This is the largest size to fit over my 5mm needle.

I think it's gorgeous. The glass is thicker than most stitch markers, but it's fine for a lace project like this since there are so many holes anyway. I like it better than a bead on a ring, which is what I was using before.

Debbie's husband is the beadmaker and he does some incredible things with glass. Look at this adorable thing.

You should check out their Etsy shop. They've got buttons and earrings and more cute sheepies and piggies. Wonderful stuff! The prices are very reasonable.

Kauni is on hold for a while. I had sort of decided to try carrying on to see what the yarn did with the color changes. But I believe that I'll need more yarn to do the sweater the way I want to and I just can't afford that right now. Still, I'm hopeful that Jim will be working again soon so I've tucked it away for the time being. Fortunately, wool doesn't spoil.

I've been thinking about how having less disposable income can be a good thing. Certainly it's an opportunity to knit through the stash. There are some projects I have yarn for that I've longed to do for a while that I've just never got around to. As much as I love blogs and Ravelry, sometimes I think they contribute to a sort of knitting ADD that leads to startitis.


  1. KateinIowa11:21 pm

    Amen to the startitis comment. I have a closet full of "oh, I want to do that" that I did not have before I started reading knitting blogs.

    Maybe I just need more self-restraint. Nahl!

  2. Cute stitch markers...thanks for the link.

  3. I agree with stash has grown exponentially since I started reading blogs and joined Ravelry. Our dispoable income is negligible at the moment, and I too am knitting from the stash...and finding things I forgot I had bought. This is probably a very good thing, both from a storage and clutter in our house point of view, as well as the wallet.

  4. That sheep thingy is just so cute!

  5. I JUST bought the exact same sheep stitch marker from them today! I love it. I didn't see any of the glass ones though. He's very talented. And Debbie is super sweet.

  6. Wow! That sheep really is spectacular; I'm gonna have to check out that linky.


  7. That sheep is too cute. It's amazing the things you can make with glass and what you can use it for.