Sunday, April 05, 2009

A New Obssession

This is so exciting: I got bitten by a pattern bug. I saw the pattern on Thursday and Friday morning I woke up with the irresistible impulse to cast on. So I did. I'm about 6 balls into the project with 8 more to go. No guilt, no worries, the other projects will still be there for me when I get done with this. It's thrilling to have the creative pull come over me so strongly.

But I can't show it to you. I can't even tell you the details. I know, I'm a horrible tease, but I've been wondering lately if blogging helps or hurts my creative projects. I really do appreciate the encouragement and advice, but sometimes my own creative impulses get mixed up by the input. So I'm trying an experiment here, by not blogging about my latest obsession. Also, I have a vision of what this will look like and right now, the work in progress doesn't look anything like what I envision the end to be.

So for now I'll show you socks. Again. Good thing we love socks!!

Pattern: Cachoeira
Yarn: Wild Fire Fibres BFL Sock
Needles: 2.25mm and 2mm

It took me two weeks to knit these. The pattern is interesting, but I never managed to memorize the center lace panel, which is odd for me. The yarn was lovely to work with, soft with just a little variation is texture. The color is very nice for spring, but I found that it rubbed off on my fingers. I'll wash these in plain water before wearing.


  1. Sadly it makes me happy that you, my knitting idol, could not memorize the lace panel pattern. Coincidentally, the verification word on this comment is 'prodigy' spelled incorrectly. Weird.

    Can't wait to see the mystery project - I'm confident that it will likely blow our minds as usual. :)

  2. I totally understand about needing to keep a project private. Please do show it to us whey you finish? I learn so much from what you write about your knitting.

    The socks are beautiful. Isn't it odd how sometimes a pattern doesn't register in the gray matter? I usually cheat and modify it to something that *will* stick in my head...

    Is it spring there yet? --syl

  3. Ah, the blue socks are wonderful.

    And the mystery project....blogging about very Seinfeld ;o)

  4. Curiosity will kill this cat. Can't wait.

  5. Pretty socks!
    I'm looking forward to the very intriguing mystery project...

  6. I'm always happy to look at socks! 8)
    And I'm looking forward to the unveiling of the secret project...

  7. Actually I too like to keep some projects secret until they're almost done. Although your project ia like a thriller movie, I'll patiently wait to see who gets killed LOL.

    Love the socks, and the yarn!

    Oh and I had to share my word verification too: whanckr LOL