Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Time for Transitions

The shift in the season is reflecting the drama in my life. While we've been enjoying warmer, windier weather, Jim has learned that he will be getting no more work from his employer of 25 years. It is a blow, but it's also an opportunity for him to strike out on his own. Our family will be fine, but transitions are always stressful.

These sorts of stresses affect what I want from my knitting. Right now, I feel a yearning to bake treats and knit socks. This weekend, I baked some fruit and nut cookies and a chocolate carrot cake. I've also been working on socks the past week. Specifically, Cachoeira from the latest Knitty. I've one sock done, and I've just turned the heel on the second sock. I'll show you pictures when there's two. In the meanwhile, here's pair of stash buster spirals I finished up a while back.

The Schaefer Anne yarn was too good to let lie. I do find that it shrinks a bit, perhaps because of the mohair content so I've made these a bit big. There's three left over skeins in this pair, and still got a fair bit leftover of the main colors. The red is entirely used up.

My Kauni has stalled out. To get an even transition, I decided to switch the foreground and background colors for half the sweater. In other words, one half is orange leaves on a blue background and the other half is blue leaves on an orange background.

But somehow, it's not quite working out. I'm transitioning too fast in one color and two slowly in the other. If you look at the color on the needles in the above picture, I'm already into the orange, but the other color is purple and it should be blue. I can't decide how to proceed so it's stalled out. It's tempting to just do the boxes and stripes cardigan that so many others have enjoyed knitting. I seem to make it harder on myself when I try to get creative.

I've been focusing on the socks while I try to decide what to do with this. I may just switch to something entirely different! Like a nap.


  1. All the best, Laurie, for Jim's new adventure.

  2. Anonymous8:28 pm

    I wish you all of the best in this transition for you and your family! I really enjoy your posts.
    Esther from Ottawa

  3. Put Kauni in timeout for a bit - you'll wake up one morning knowing just what to do.
    Knit socks, breathe deep. All will be well.

  4. Hope the job transition goes as smoothly as possible.

    And I second that nap idea.

  5. Although it feels awkward now, things will work out, as they always do.

    Love the spiral socks -- that pattern's been on my to-do list forever.

    Can't you just let the Kauni do it's thing? I don't think it will ever match up exactly, because the yarn usage is uneven between foreground and background. I'd just let it do what it wants to do.

  6. My dh has been in the jobless situation a couple of times, which most recently led him too to striking out on his own. It was scary, but has also been the best thing that ever happened to us. I hope the same is true for your family.

  7. When ever a door is shut a window is opened. The trick is waiting for the window to open. My thoughts are with you and happy knitting and baking :)

  8. Wish Jim luck from us!

    I wouldn't change a thing about the kauni -- those leaves are beautiful. --syl

  9. I think your Kauni sweater is fine. But, if it bothers you, rip it out. No sense having an item that irritates you every time you wear it! The socks are great!

  10. Transitions are always scary. I don't know about baking chocolate carrot cake as therapy. But eating it sure would be ;o)

    I find Schaeffer shrinks (or at least fulls) and pills, even when done on the handwash cycle of my machine. I'm blaming this on the mohair too.

  11. Keep your faith during the scary times. Knitting helps.

  12. That is too bad - I hope his new situation is even better! I hope knitting helps through the tough times.

  13. I'm sorry to hear about Jim . . but it kind of opens a few doors for him. I'm sure that it will all work out for the best.

    The Kauni looks lovely . . you're being too critical of your talents.


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