Sunday, May 31, 2009

Always Coming Back to Socks

I'm always returning to socks because I have a heavy rotation of loved ones who love their hand knit socks.

There's my mother-in-law who likes socks in bright colors with just a touch of ribbing in them to help them stay up. She just got a pair for Mother's day. Now Luke started wearing my socks just this past winter because he found them warm and comfortable. He likes plain patterns and green or muted colors. These two types of sock aren't terribly exciting to knit, but I do it for love. I get great satisfaction out of knowing that my loved ones' feet feel great because I found scraps of time in which to knit a sock.

Here's one such traveling sock, so-called because it travels with me every where:

The yarn is ONline Supersocke, knit in my standard 72 stitch pattern, but on a smaller needle than usual, a 2mm. I used about an inch of k1 p1 rib at the top and then did the rest of the leg and foot in k5 p1. I like the look of the wide ribs, it works in this type of yarn.

Remember a while back, I was asking about what sort of ease you knit into your socks? Most of you said you prefer to knit your socks with negative ease because they bag out with wear. Well this pair was my first attempt at tightening things up. It didn't work too well, because the smaller needle size made a sock that's a bit too snug. I wanted to give them to Luke, but he had difficulty getting them on and declared he wouldn't wear them. Jim was willing to tug, so he gets this pair.

Jim is one of my favourite people to knit socks for because he's willing to wear just about anything. Like lace and bright colors...

This is Nancy Bush's Gentleman's Socks for Evening wear, knit out of Kataish's handpainted yarn. Aren't the color's gorgeous? I love that they didn't pool and that all the shades and tones are so beautiful. She used KnitPicks Gloss Bare as a base, so these socks feel quite decadent too.

Next to Jim, I am my favourite person to knit socks for, because I can knit myself whatever I like! Plus, I save all the best sock yarn for myself. But my sock drawer is pretty full, but Luke and MIL only have a few pair, so I predict it will be a summer of dull-colored and plainly knit socks for me.

I'd better go stock up on some more podcasts....


  1. Those blue socks are beautiful! I should look at that pattern again. What podcasts do you like to listen to? I just started listening to some and I'm looking for more.

  2. Lovin' the blue socks.

  3. My DH will even wear poorly fitted socks. He loves bright colors, treats the socks with TLC, and continues to thank me for them for years. *I* am the hardest person to knit for because I am fussy about color (I like colors that won't distract me, very subtle or dark hues) and fit (no ankle wrinkles allowed). Never thought about it before, though -- great blog topic!

  4. When I knit socks for myself (7 1/2 shoe size) , I use 2.25 mm needles and cast on 68 stitches. That makes a snug but put-onable sock.

  5. It is wonderful that you take the time to knit "dull" socks. Lucky family members you have (luckier than mine!).

  6. Your family is very lucky to get your best efforts. Mine get mostly my boo boos!

  7. I am definitely my favorite person to knit socks for :-)
    Jim's blue socks are beautiful - I don't have Dave quite there yet, but he's gradually loosening up!

  8. It really is a wonderful feeling knitting for appreciative loved ones isn't it?

  9. I haven't the stamina to knit Dave socks for his big feet! Lucky Jim!