Friday, July 10, 2009

Good Vacation

You know you've had a fun time when the back of the car looks like this coming home:

We took the boys to Bingemans for the day and it was great! Not too busy plus new slides equals tons of fun. I got to test drive my new Monteagle string bag:

I finished this project a few weeks back and it's much more fun to use than it is to knit. Stylish looking too. It's worth the process to get this product.

Also this week, we made sour cherry jam:

There's nothing better than homemade jam made from fruit you picked off the tree that day! I'll be enjoying a taste of summer all winter long.

I've declared these last two weekend days of my vacation to be time to wrap up a few chores, such as wash a stinky dog, relax, and knit. The only thing I finished knitting on vacation was some traveling socks for Luke. I think he likes them. I like the contrasting toes.


  1. If it ever stops raining and turns to summer here, my kids are asking for a day at a water park too. Good fun.

    Never had sour cherry jam, but I always love the colors of homemade jam. Would make a good yarn colorway. :-)

  2. The jam is beautiful. I miss sour cherries! My uncle Lester had a huge patch fenced off from the cattle and I used to bake sour cherry pies for the two of us, his with extra cinnamon. Happy memories.

  3. The socks are nice and boy has Luke grown from the last time I remember!

  4. The jam looks great. We made strawberry freezer jam with my grand kids. Love the socks. Have a wonderful summer.

  5. Good for you to take time to make home made jam.