Sunday, July 19, 2009

Oh Boy!

This week our new neighbours moved in next door. They seem like nice people and Dexter has been very interested as they have two dogs. But the extremely curious thing about them is what they have done with the pool. Tuesday night we went to sleep to the sound of water splashing into the pool as it started to fill. Our bedroom window looks right over their backyard, so when I woke up I checked to see how much it had filled. Boy did I get a shock! There were fish in the pool! Huge Koi. I've counted more than 10. I really like them. I peek often to see them doing laps or flipping their fins.

Sorry the picture's not so great, but it was taken through the bedroom window.

I've no interesting knitting photos either. Lace on the needles always looks the same. I've been really enjoying this project, staying true to it all week.

As I near the end I'm beginning to get excited about the finished product. I'm curious about how big it will be, and how lofty the fabric will end up.

In natural light the yarn, which is a mohair and silk blend, is a yellowish cream, but I thought it was more of a white. I was thinking of trying to dew bleach it to whiten it after re-reading Anne's House of Dreams. But a little internet research has persuaded me not to. Apparently, it's the damp and sunlight that will cause the white wool to go yellow and damp and sunlight are the whole premise of dew bleaching.

I guess my choices are to live with the yellowed color, or try hydrogen peroxide. I'm not keen on either of those. Ideas, anyone?


  1. To whiten yellowed silk or wool: Mix 1 tablespoon white vinegar in 1 pint of water. Sponge with this solution and rinse. Wash as usual.

    Let me know how it works for you.

  2. The lace is looking lovely Laurie.

    Wow, those are big koi. I suppose they moved them from their existing house and pond.

    Maybe you can mention The Bloomin Bog to them [shameless laughter].

  3. For whitening yellowed wool, I plunge it into the hottest water that will come out of my tap (and temp is set high) and soap - I use ivory flakes. I soak it ~30 - 40 minutes and spin dry before the water cools to warm temp. Heat melts fat like lanolin, spinning oils, and the idea is to spin the water out before the grease re-congeals into the fiber.

    Have do same with mohair. Not sure about silk.

    If you go the peroxide method - there is a faq at Prochem (I've not tried it) here:

  4. I'm all for the hot-hot water method for Merino, but mohair is not as certain. Experiment with a snippet or tiny swatch first. It could become boucle. Sometimes the fiber is stained, in which case your best option is dye, and since it will be a finished lace shawl, you might want to do a sun tea style dye pot or microwave/plastic wrap. Holler if you need data.

    Koi are fun. Around here the raccoons eat them.

  5. I have the same problem with yellowish wool, Laurie, and would like to see how your attempts turn out before I totally wreck my supply! I really do like dazzling white as opposed to cream or yellow, and I think you do too. Good luck.