Sunday, May 16, 2010

End of an Era

The company I formerly worked at for seven years, TVWorks, will be closing its doors June 25th.   This week I was in London with Sandvine, my current employer, as part of their job fair for recruitment.  It was a strange occasion for me.  I was delighted to see my former co-workers, many of whom are also my friends.  It was like I'd never been gone.  But I'm sad to know that the place is closing down.  Being there in person brought it home to me. But I'm hopeful that I'll end up meeting some of those good people again, in other times at other companies.

Fortunately, this weekend the weather has been a huge pick me up, with blue skies and warmer temperatures.  Garden centers were packed with happy people picking out plantings.  I know, because Jim and I were there too.  We got our front garden weeded and put in a few new plants, something we do every year.  We're not the smartest gardeners.  We plant, and hope.  That's about it.

When we moved here, there was one spindly clematis planted by the garden shed, in heavy shade.  I transplanted it to the front of the house where it roasted to a crisp in dry sandy soil and full light.  After two years, it still wasn't dead, so I gave it a try again over by the side of the house.  This year it has fully recovered and is going gang busters.  I'm seeing lots of growth and many buds.  Brave thing!

And now for the knitting.  Here's a progress pic of my Lizard Ridge:

It's coming along great and still lots of fun to work.  I decided to divide my 20 balls of Noro into three packs of mostly reds and two packs of mostly blues.  This was my little way of putting my personal stamp on a ubiquitous blanket.  I like it fine.

 I'm looking almost halfway there and thinking about casting on a shawl.  It's such a treat for me to knit with Noro, I feel like savouring it.  Plus a shawl is great summer knitting, and there are so many beautiful free patterns out there.

I've lately come to the conclusion that so long as I have yarn and needles there's really nothing to stop me from casting on and abandoning as many WIPs as I want.  I generally get around to finishing them eventually.  Radical thinking I know, but as the song says "If it makes you happy, it can't be that bad..."


  1. I bet it was weird seeing old colleagues all hunting jobs - the whole world seems to be going through this kind of thing.

    As far as the knitting goes - I absolutely agree that you can have multiple WIPs without being a bad person. Particularly if you do tend to get back to them later. Knitting should make you happy - and for me that means that I have different projects for different moods. Go for it!

  2. I agree with Anne - its a hobby - it should be fun and it should never be subject to pressure from anyone else to be anything other than enjoyable! Last week I momentarily thought about making a pair of socks I'm working on into a gift, due on Tuesday. Almost instantly the same project went from pleasant to being a chore. Who needs that in a hobby? I'm going to buy a gift and enjoy knitting the socks in my own sweet time.

  3. I have a ton of projects cast on, and today I printed off three more patterns. I figure it's all good. The more the merrier!

  4. Yay for knitting! Yay for Noro! Yay for Sheryl Crow and yay for YOU!

  5. I bet it was an odd feeling, but maybe those old colleagues seeing you in a new place of growth and excitement was helpful for their outlooks.

    Beautiful twist on the Lizard Ridge.

    I agree: Cast on as much as you want, whenever you want, as long as it feels good!

  6. Between us, DH and I know someone at nearly every major and many, many of the start-up companies in Silicon Valley and SF, and a fair few in other states and countries, too. It isn't that it's a small world, but that there is a lot of movement in the field and core teams will often move from one start-up to another after the first is sold or IPO's.

    DH nearly always has someone working for him who worked for him at another company. Good working relationships, good friendships, trust and efficiency.

    I hope your friends all find positions quickly.

    Most of my knitting is duty knitting. Always has been, and I'm comfortable with that. I do like to work in a bit of fun now and then, a bit of improvisational lace or an engineering challenge of some sort, but I'm a finisher so really prefer to have projects already spoken for and deadlines set before I even cast on. I really like the idea of knitting for fun, but I'm not good at it!

  7. When I heard about it on the radio . . . all I could think of was good thing you were out of there. Some things happen for a reason.

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  9. blanket is looking gorgeous

  10. Your Godmother is a lucky lady. The shawl turned out great.

    The blanket looks like a fun pattern to knit!

    Show us pictures of the new shawl soon!