Sunday, May 02, 2010

Backyard Romance

I'm trying to finish up a shawl just now.  One that I'd like to give as a Mother's day gift to a lovely lady who was very motherly to me.  Now that the weather is so nice, I like to knit outside on the patio.  Dexter always comes with me too.  But lately it hasn't been very peaceful in our back yard.  Meet the reason why:

This is Esmé.  She lives next door.  If Dexter and I are hanging out in the backyard it's not long before we hear scratching and whining as Juliette strives to be reunited with her Romeo. I'm no Montague and as a result we have this to enjoy:

 Oh yes, it is a fierce romance.
It isn't always pretty.

But they are a happy couple.

It's so nice for everyone in the family to be happy.


  1. They look very cute playing together.

  2. You are right when you say it isn't always pretty.

  3. Hahaha!! Puppy play - awesome!!