Sunday, April 25, 2010

True Colors

Every project on the needles pales in comparison to this:

Hello, my name is Laurie and I'm a Noro-addict.  Even though I know it's not the best of yarns, it's thick-n-thin, twisty, scratchy and knotty natured, I'm endlessly fascinated by the seductive color.

I returned home from Waterloo this weekend to my package from Little Knits and almost immediately dived right in.  How could I resist?

I played around with other ideas for creating my blanket, but decided to stick with Lizard Ridge to maximize the yardage of the Noro.  With twenty balls of yarn to work with, I've decided to work five panels each using four balls, thereby eliminating wasting yarn in horizontal seams.

It's ridiculous how much I can hardly wait to see how the next color wave will play out, how eagerly I'm anticipating the next panel which I'm planning to be more blue-green. 

In other news, work and commuting continue to be exciting.  I've had a few growing pains, but I'm learning SO much!  This weekend we took the boys out for brunch as a family treat.  It's funny how getting them out of the house changes their behaviour.  They're much funnier and more polite.  They actually told me they missed me.  I choose to believe it. 

Now, if I could just have some sunny weather on the weekend...  


  1. Sigh...we had rain all weekend here, too. Your entrelac project is gorgeous, as is your collection of Noro. It seems to be the perfect yarn for entrelac.

  2. I'm sure they really do miss you! I never saw you all that much, and I miss you!! :)

  3. I love the interplay of all of those colors, but admit that I prefer to knit with plain, level dyed, monochromatic yarn! [Finally a difference between your knitting preferences and mine(!)].

    My daughter tells me she appreciates me, sometimes misses me, but oh she also tells me exactly what she thinks about me at other times, too. Whew. I bet the house feels very empty without you, but at the same time they must be awfully proud of you for dealing so well with a tough situation. You're being an excellent role model.

  4. Ah the ying yang relationship with Noro. I admit I love it too. And your collection of colours will be spectacular.

    My own success with Noro is dependent on my acknowledging that it is greater than I and under no circumstances will I confront it unless chipper and well rested!

  5. I love your description of Noro.
    'thick-n-thin, twisty, scratchy and knotty natured' So true but their colours are second to none. Your blanket will be wonderful.

  6. I want your photo for my desktop wallpaper! I'm glad you are celebrating that amazing Noro colour - it deserves it - whatever it feels like!

  7. You and me both sister!! Looky good!

  8. Can't wait to see how the lizard turns out!

  9. Hi Laurie! said in chorus with 30 odd other voices

    I'm a noro addict too, unfortunately with the part time job to pay for boys activities, I don't have the $ for my activities. Looks gorgeous though & I like the idea of panels, saves on sewing time as well as yarn.

  10. Love the way you are knitting your lizard - it's such a fabulous pattern and a good idea to cut down on the sewing.