Sunday, April 11, 2010

Color Riot

It's been another busy and successful week in Waterloo. While in Waterloo, I've been working on a shawl, Icarus, and I'm just getting to the exciting part of the lace,  but I'm home again and having a riot.  A color riot.

I left my Folklore yoke in London because I'm playing with all the colors in my crayon box.  It's slow going but so much fun!  On Saturday I decided it was time to do a sanity check, since I'm not working to gauge and I'm sizing the pattern up.  So half the stitches went onto a spare circular and I laid it down over the yoke of my last successful knit:

It's lookin' good!  I'm happy with the neck line too.  I found that the green and purple yoke sweater rides a bit high on my neck and can get irritating.

These two projects have me interested and are exciting, but there's more excitement coming.   I received notice of a sale this week that was irresistible and I bought enough yarn to make Lizard Ridge.  I tried to make this blanket once before without success.  I'm feeling much more confident in my color skills this time.  I've learned not to play it safe!


  1. Rockin' the colorplay!

  2. Yowzers! Those are some good prices over at Lizard Ridge.

  3. Love the colours. Thanks for the link. I used to have that site store on my computer bot for some reason it had left he building. Glad to have it back.