Thursday, November 29, 2007


Well folks, I've got a big ole flop on my hands here. Take a look at this amazing ugliness:

I scooped up 7 balls of Noro at the Needle Emporium's tent sale this past summer and, inspired by the fun I had with the Silk Garden scarf, I thought I could knit a mini-Lizard Ridge. I hoped to squeeze 9 squares from the 7 balls; 8 at the least, since I could always cook up some special interest square for the center. I figured it would make a nice little lap blanket.

I was entirely unprepared for the horrible ugliness of the squares. Everybody else's blankets look lovely, I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I must confess that I started making squares with the balls of yarn I liked the least. I guess I was saving the best for last. Still, how is it possible to screw up color work with Noro?

Here's my options:

  1. Rip and re-knit. These squares where done using opposite ends of the same ball. Perhaps by mixing balls, I could make something nicer out of it.
  2. Cut my loses and quit knitting. Perhaps these squares could be sewn into a scarf and given to charity. There's no denying it's warm, if you don't mind the color. Then I could use the other balls to make mitered mittens, or felted bags.
  3. Carry on! If I knit the other colors, they may counter balance the horribleness of these three.

What say you? I bow before the wisdom of the masses.


  1. Katie K9:57 pm

    The beige-grey yarn (which doesn't look very good on my monitor) doesn't go with the yellow-green yarn no matter which way you slice it. I sympathize with the desire to make the lizard ridge. It deserves nice yarns, though. If you don't have them, my advice is to frog it.

    Lucky you to have all that Noro.

  2. I say knit on - the other skeins will balance these out and it's a lapghan, as long as it's warm shouldn't that be enough?

  3. Well, I'm not sure that it's *ugly*, necessary. The colors grow on me the longer I stare at them. If it bothers you terribly, sure, go ahead and rip. You like knitting, right? But I think it would be okay if you sallied on, also. Good luck!

  4. The squares aren't ugly, so much as bright. Knitting should be a joy. If you don't like them or it would become a chore to knit, frog it.

  5. Holly9:03 am

    I think you just need more contrast. Keep it in the brights, and add some bright blues, greens and pinks and it should all balance out. I've loved the bright lizard ridge's I've seen. I say carry on!

  6. Be happy with it and if you aren't - rip it and make it right. Sounds to me like you want permission to rip it so go ahead!!

  7. I agree that as is it isn't much to look at, but think the problem is one of balance rather than inherent incompatability. I wouldn't give up until you had more darker-hued squares knit and could see the full effect.

  8. Ah, you need some contrast in there. Go ahead and keep going. I don't really like the Lizard Ridge to begin with and would rather die than to knit it ... but I might like this bright one when it's done. You've got to throw in some of the colors you
    DO like in order to balance it out. Happy knitting!

  9. I love the one in the lower right hand corner. I suggest reading some Kaffe Fasset for colour advice.

  10. Well, if I were making this project, I'd love it. I don't think it's ugly at all. I'd keep going and plan on arranging the squares in the most pleasing way I could.

    However, I'm not you. If I were you, and I hated it, I'd be frogging it and finding something else to make. Do what makes you happiest. You are the artist, after all.

  11. Free advice from a non-expert, which is worth exactly what you're paying for it !!! : I agree that it needs a bit more contrast. Or toning down. Do your other skeins have more dark colours? In my Noro scarf, it ended up that all the brights striped with a dark or neutral. That had the effect of muting the brights a bit. I'd be tempted to reknit, mixing up the balls.

    It will be interesting to see what you decide to do.

  12. Are they all from the same color number? I'd just go for it, finish it, and then lay them out to find a nice balance to it. Throw the pieces around and see which looks good next to another. Maybe turn every other one 90 degress, if they are the same size?