Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I'm so High, I swear I can Fly

Whooo weee! I'm still flying high on the yarn buys.

Last night, Mary Jane and I struck out for Ancaster to the Needle Emporium's mega Tent Sale. I was a yarn sale virgin, and wow! what a way to go. Just look at our smiles:

Now, I don't ordinarily talk about my yarn purchases here. Everyone has different budgets and I don't want to compare my stash to anyone else's. But the yarn prizes I collected yesterday are just too good not to talk about.

In bag number one we have:

Handpainted Alpaca


30% Possum, 70% Merino

I've got 6 skiens for a quick-knit vest for my mother-in-law for Christmas.

Ankle socks

I picked up 20 balls of this.

Someone said, "Oh, you got all the Noro? I saw it earlier and thought I'd come back for it." And I was like, "Why the heck didn't you snap it up!" But I did give her the lone skein of Blossom. Aren't I nice?

70% Alpaca, 30% Merino - 9 skeins. I want to have a shrug from this.

All of the yarns you saw above fit into one bag and cost me $150 minus a 10% discount because I paid cash. I'm floored. I love these yarns! It's gonna be a fun winter.

Now the following yarn was a little extra (okay, a BIG extra) that I just couldn't resist. Rowan yarn, at $10 for the 100g skein and $5 for the 50g skien.

Urban Aran for Jim.

Gotta be a Shedir.

I've been basking in the glow of this all day. It was a lot of fun to take pictures of it all. Now I think I'll go post it on Ravelry.


  1. Oh man, you did score! And me still sitting here waiting for my Ravelry invite...269 people to go!

  2. Wow! I am amazed. I should have signed up for their newsletter! It's insane how happy I am for you. The Noro is so pretty.

  3. Kelly8:14 am

    holy COW!!!! Those are some massive bags!!!!
    Our lys NEVER has a sale :( clearly I need to move!

  4. Egad! I'm glad I don't live near Ancaster, and I'm glad my LYS doesn't have sales. Well, sort of glad. I lack restraint ;o) What a haul and all great looking stuff.

  5. Possum yarn? What's that like? What a fun day of shopping, though.

  6. Mary Jane10:04 am

    My bag was so stuffed that overnight the air got back in the yarn and I had a yarn explosion in the trunk of my car. I could not get it all back in the bag!

  7. Now that's a sale ! Lucky you , wish we'd get those knid of sales around here ... or maybe not , as I really don't NEED to add to the stash. Enjoy !

  8. Wow, girl! What a wonderful haul. I can see that Sirdar for the shawl knit up in an Elizabeth Zimmermann Rib Warmer! I am pleased for you. The knitter who commented on you getting all the Noro is obviously not a sale shopper. My plan is that if I think I will want it, I pick it up. After I carry it about for a bit and have a little think, I can always put it back. If you don't take it, for sure you will see it going past you in a smarter shopper's arms!

  9. Wow! I can smell the yarn fumes from here. Quite the haul and it a great deal, too!!

  10. Possum? I know it makes a great shaving brush, but yarn?
    Good bunch of goodies you scored. (Maybe have Doug make you some socks?)

  11. wow, nice haul! it sounds like a lot of fun and great to do it with a friend.

  12. Wow, what an awesome yarn buying day! All that Noro is gorgeous... I'm so jealous. It never would have gotten by me =) And possom yarn? That's neat! Is it really, really soft?

  13. The picture says it all. SCORE. Isn't it nice to get such a deal? I see lots (more) of knitting in your future.

  14. Firstly, will you STOP dropping Ravelry into the conversation so casually? Some of us haven't had our invite yet...

    And secondly, will you PLEASE let me know in advance when you're going on a binge like this? No I couldn't have got there, but I could have at least been there in spirit...

    Noro, alpaca, possum, silk... your toes must be curling with pleasure at the thought of the long dark evenings ahead!

  15. My or my ... who could pass up such a bargain? I'd beg, borrow or use plastic to get all that also. Happy knitting!