Monday, August 27, 2007

I Succumbed

I'm dreaming of a thick Aran sweater to wear when walking the dog. I started the sleeve, but instead it's a swatch. My gauge is off, and I don't like the transition between the rib and the first ring of the circular cable. But I love the color of the yarn, Black Water Abbey's silver, and I'm moderately excited about the pattern which is Halcyon Aran. Though my thoughts keep straying to Alice Starmore's designs, or a Lavold pattern, or even Rogue (for the third time). So I may go astray yet...

Anyway, back to socks for me. The Sunbeam socks are almost to the toe, so I aim to finish them this week. But if my red Sheltand wool doesn't arrive soon, I know what I'll be knitting next weekend....


  1. Oh my, that's a gorgeous sweater!

    (Glad you're weaker than I am! I'm only at Stage 2: Planned and wound, but not cast on yet LOL!)

  2. That's a beautiful swatch! The depth of color is great too.

    Sigh. Visions of sweaters dance and tantalize.... I'll capitulate sooner or later.

  3. You wicked, wicked wench!

    You flaunt your cables at me, creating such a lust!

    I'm unable to do my usual English style knit because of my stupid neck injury (and useless right arm). Not to mention that I'm pathetic and terrible at Continental style knitting. (Really, it's pitiful how I purl in Continental style. It takes weeks to do one row of 40 sts.)

    It just all wrecks me to gaze upon your naughty wee cable swatch as I'm unable to pursue my cable desires.


  4. Laurie, I'm sure you know all I'm wishing you if you start a Starmore... Really.

    Sometimes I think planning the Aran is more fun than actually getting round to it. Cheer up Roggey, it won't be long now. Just work on the designs in your head. And stay off the bad behaviour... look where it got you!

  5. Mmmm, an Aran sweater - good for you! You'll look great walking Buster around in it. I like the sleeve/swatch idea. Maybe I'll start my knitting on the sleeve next time. Cool.

  6. Oh. Dexter. Dangit. Don't tell him I messed up his name, or he'll growl at me. ;) Sorry!