Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Hot Again

Thoughts of knitting an Aran have been driven out of my head tonight by the warm temperatures. I took Dexter for a walk in the woods after work. It's cooler in the woods and he loves to romp in there. It must be dog heaven with all the lovely smells in the earth. Yet even as I was sticky with sweat, I noticed red leaves on the ground. Funny weather.

Further heat comes from the Sunbeam Socks I finished tonight!

Pattern: Lacey Socks, from Folk Socks
Yarn: Hill Country Yarns, Sweet Feet
Needles: 2mm

They're so sunny, I hope that they drive away the grey winter blahs for my mother. Since her birthday is October 30th, they are just too appropriate for her.

The pattern was interesting, and it did a good job of mixing up the variegation in the yarn. With only two colors, I think I would have gotten some serious stripes with this yarn. But there is a lot of knitting involved, and it uses up a great deal of yarn. These would fit a women's size 10 foot and even with the short ankle, I used up almost the entire skein of Sweet Feet. For those purled rows, you have 102 stitches on the needles. Yowza!

I wonder what I'm going to knit tonight? It's time to get off the computer and find out.


  1. These are just the ticket for the grey winter days ahead! :0)

  2. Wow! BRIGHT. But 102 stitches?!? You are a braver soul than I. They're cute though....

  3. I love those bright and cheery socks! And now I'm wondering, what did you choose to knit? I can only handle socks, it seems, when it's warm and sticky out.

  4. Love these socks! I just bought Aravon clogs... might have to knit me some very fine wild socks for colder weather.