Sunday, August 26, 2007

Knitting on the Fly

My mother-in-law's cozy vest is done and I made it with a handful of yarn to spare.

Pattern: my own
Yarn: Sirdar Denim Ultra - 5 skeins
Needles: 10 mm (I had to put two cables together on my Boye needles to get all the way around this bad girl.)

I don't remember who it was that said, "the knitting will tell you what to do", but I often find that to be true. In this case, the heaviness of the yarn didn't work well with cables or ribbing, so I used the simplest of edgings.

I also achieved the nirvana of a no-sew project since I knit the garter-stitch edges as I went, used a three-needle bind off for the shoulders, and knit on further garter-stitch edges at the top of the neck. I wish I'd had a bit more yarn to do a garter border on the armholes, but at least I slipped my edges, so they look nice and clean.

I've decided not to bother with entering my knitting in the Fair this year. I'm just too busy right now! The nice thing about this is that I got to wear my Oregon vest to work this past week. The cooling system turned the office I share with three co-workers into a meat cooler. It's fixed now, but there's nothing like wearing Shetland wool to give you a hint that summer is on it's last legs.

I was dreaming of casting on something new this weekend, but I think I'll stick with finishing somethings up instead. I'm in no danger of running out of things to knit.


  1. I dunno - maybe should ought to knit something else for your M-i-l: that vest looks at home on you!

  2. It looks wonderful, and I love that colour. No extra finishing earns it three extra stars! I'm fighting the startitis now ... not sure I'll be so successful.

  3. Design away. You are doing a great job.

  4. Simple ... is just the way to go at times and the vest does look nice. I'm entering my tea cozy into the Fair this year ... but I AM stressed out about the getting it there & picking it up. But maybe because it'll be my first time at this fair. I use to enter in NH & I knew my way aroung.

    Happy knitting!

  5. and it looks even better in person!! Thanks for the Knit Night!!

  6. When I get dressed, I am all about grabbing a simple vest. Yours looks great! I'm sure your mother in law will love it. Good job.

  7. I really like the drape. The simplicity and excellent proportions make it elegant. She's lucky to get that vest!!!

    Are you going to make yourself one, too? --Syl