Sunday, August 19, 2007


Ah me, I had fun playing with all that new stash, photographing it, and getting its stats. I've already cast on with some of it too. Can you guess which one I started with?

But before I let myself cast on, I finished up the Earth socks:

They are destined for my brother-in-law, George, as a Christmas present. I think the earthy colors are especially appropriate for him since he works in a green house and enjoys fishing and skiing.

I also finished up one of the Sunbeam socks:

I was thinking that these would be for my mom for her birthday in October. She used to have wallpaper in the kitchen that was yellow and orange like this, so I thought she'd enjoy them. But they ended up fitting me perfectly! My mom's feet are smaller than mine.

Also, I don't have much confidence in this yarn. It is Hill Country Yarns, Sweet Feet, and while it feels soft and cushy, the strand that was dangling from my cast off, didn't fare very well in use. It fuzzed up a whole lot. Take a look. The orange strand is fresh off the ball, and the yellow one was dragged around for two weeks, being knit.

click for bigger

I think I'll just keep these socks for myself and use them gently. Maybe as bed socks. They certainly feel luscious on my feet.

But all this is mere distraction as I wait for my yarn to come over the sea to me. I'm patiently anticipating the finish for my shawl.


  1. What pretty socks!

  2. Such beautiful socks. You'll have to make your Mum another pair. Any more of that color left? They can be Mother/Daughter socks ;-)

  3. I find that the hanging yarn always gets abused far more than you can abuse the entire sock. After all, one strand on it's own does not have the support of it has in the sock.

  4. Those socks are truly beautiful, and the proportions of the design on your foot are perfect. I have a pair of soft short lace socks that are my favorite bed socks. I'll be interested to hear how these wear for you -- please give us an update in six months, eh? --Syl