Thursday, November 22, 2007

Making a Repair

I did make a repair last night, but not on the sock. It was Jim's work guernsey that needed a little help.

As you can see, he's worked a considerable hole into it. We guess that he snagged it on something, and we didn't notice it quick enough because there's a whole row missing here. Jim was quite anxious for me to fix it since he wears it to work every day as soon as the weather gets cold. He's had it through two cold seasons and other than being a little flat, it's holding up really well. The Philosopher's wool that I used is ideal for this sort of garment.

I have plenty of the same yarn left over. Taking a good long piece of wool, I threaded it through on the wrong side, and then performed a quick and dirty graft using those DPNs I stuck through the live stitches. Then I went in on the wrong side again and did a weave from top to bottom and side to side, catching any loose yarn that was left. It's not pretty, but it's darned sturdy.

I know, some of you are wondering why I'm not going to repair those socks. Frankly, I don't like the color. I bought the yarn over the internet and was very disappointed with the colors when I received it. The socks are soft, the pattern was nice, but those colors are monstrous! I'm kind of glad to see them go.

Oh, I visited the Halcyon Aran today! The tailor said it will be ready tomorrow so you can expect a photo shoot this weekend. Here's hoping for some sun.


  1. That sweater is well worth the repair. I found a pair of socks my son wore in the wash with a couple of ripped out stitched on the bottom of the toe. Now how does THAT happen? I'm still debating if I want to fix it or if I ever knit socks for my kids ever again.

  2. A sweater as nice as that one needs to be repaired for longer wear. I have 2 pairs of socks set aside for possible repair on 1 in each set. But alas, I've stalled because I've never done it before. Wish I could see a video on how you did that. Do you know if there's one out there for me to watch? BTW, I LOVE the new sweater for Jim also.