Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I'd like you to meet my husband Jim.

This handsome fellow is Jim:
He's the parent-at-home after school. He cooks dinner, manages homework, does the laundry, works full time, and his idea of fun is doing this:

Yes, I am one lucky duck. I don't mean to brag. Oh, knitting content? Right. Here's a close up of the sweater:

This is a gansey I designed for Jim out of Philosopher's Wool. The patterning on the chest is a row of hearts on the bottom, a horseshoe cable in the middle, with a tree of life on either side. This is my idea of magic to protect him while he's at work because he's outside in all kinds of weather and under dangerous conditions sometimes. I wish him love, luck and health always.


  1. Anonymous8:56 am

    Handsome man...handsome sweater!...handsome pictures!!


  2. Gorgeous!

    Wait, the sweater too! ;)

    Congrats on creating a beautiful work of art and an act of love at the same time. I know he'll feel your love all next winter wearing it.

    Thanks for the follow up. I'm gobsmacked.