Tuesday, June 13, 2006

All about Holly

Holly is my Tuesday lunch knit buddy and she is one smart lady. She's helped me solve many a knitting dilemma and issue. Our kids used to be in the same class, but we really didn't become friends until she spotted me wearing Rogue while waiting for the elevator in our office building. We started talking about knitting and now we rarely shut up about it.

Holly's quilt
There is some funky free form quilting going on here, in the top of this quilt. It hangs in Holly's office where it cheers up even the greyest day. Holly's hobby of choice is quilting, but knitting isn't far behind.

Holly's sock yarn drawer
Actually, I think Holly needs to replenish the sock drawer. It's looking a little low. I see a lot of ends.

I told Holly about the STR sock club because I was thinking of joining. She did, and I chickened out. Bad knit buddy I am. I did join though when they re-opened the club. I'll show you my Rock and Weave socks another day.

This picture doesn't do the socks justice. Holy actually knit from both ends of the ball to prevent striping, but the STR resisted. Handpaints can be stubborn that way.

Holly's Ribby Cardi in progress
Holly took this pic. She's showing me what my digital camera can do when someone who knows what she's doing is driving it.

Needle Roll
Circular Holder
Holly made me these wonderful needle cases. I love the fabrics she choose for me. I'm a bluesy, greeny, pinky, purpley kinda gal.

Holly and I did a sock swap once. Our very own, mini Sockapalooza. The yarn was from Knitpics and it felted like nobody's business. I still have a bit left over and I'm thinking that all it's good for is felted slippers. I can't remember what pattern Holly used for my socks, though I remember liking them till the washing machine turned them into shrinky-dinks. Anyway, I created my first orignial pattern for Holly's pair. I didn't have a blog at the time, but the SockBug kindly put the pattern up on her blog.


Did you get your name in print enough Holly? Your wish is my command!


  1. It takes a bit to figure it all out, but you got a great camera! Read the book . . an maybe take a look at Flickr, there are a lot of good tips and trick on there!

  2. Thanks Kat. I've been reading tips on the internet too. The only way to get better is to practice!

  3. Hey Laurie:

    Holly's got a mighty grin on her face this morning. Thanks for being so kind...I'm glad your may tuesday knit-bud!