Friday, June 30, 2006


I spent my morning with Maureen, drooling over her stash and being drooled over by her dog. Lookee what Maureen has made:

It's knit with Zephyr yarn and the pattern is a Faroese one that hugs the shoulders very nicely. It stays put! One day, I gotta try one of these...

But I'm afraid I wasn't much company because I had mental indigestion. This is the cause:

Pattern for roadkill anyone?

The yarn is Brazilia Stop and Go and the challenge was to knit something decent from it. I failed. Friends don't let friends knit fug. Mary Jane, I owe you.... something.


  1. Dude, I'm dying (wink) to see this in person. Really. It looks really interesting!!

  2. Holly8:26 am

    Eeesh...well, I guess it was worth a try. Time to put the thinking cap back on, or 'gift' it to some poor soul.

  3. Mary Jane9:30 am

    I warned you and you insisted it was possible!

  4. "Friends don't let friends knit fug" that is great!!