Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Vacation Time!

I am looking forward to a five day weekend. The boys have their last day of school today and I've booked Thursday and Friday off work. We're not planning on going anywhere really. Maybe the St.Thomas beach on Friday, weather permitting.

I could get a lot of knitting done in 5 days.

I've finished my lace socks and I'm putting the armbands onto the Rose Leaf Vest, which means that I don't have any real projects on the needles. Oh, there's some other stuff that is aging, but no active project.

And I was thinking "What should I knit?" I was thinking about the Western Fair and how it should be technical and creative... And then I finally woke up to what I was doing.

SHOULD knit?! What the heck is with this sh*t! No wonder I wasn't feeling the love. So now I'm just letting my thoughts drift. I've got a pretty cool stash (well, I like it anyway) and I'm going to just get funky with it. Which, really, isn't very funky since I'm something of a traditional knitter.

I'm ordering more sock yarn. I've finally found the exact shade of green to please my eldest son Luke who is 11, soon to be 12, and acts like 15. It's called "Anti Freeze" from Sundara Yarns:

I'm also getting "Fiery" since youngest son was watching. And I really don't need much of an excuse to buy yarn. Need I say that this breaks my pledge to "not buy yarn for a while". But I love the thought of my boy walking around with bright green feet.



  1. Wonderful green. I have yarn to make socks for the Eldest, but am waiting until fall. At the rate his feet are growing, they'd be too small by the time the weather cools enough to wear them.

  2. Enjoy your extra-long holiday weekend. Let me know if you want to fit some beadplay in there somewhere - we forgot to schedule it the other night.

  3. I must confess that I already have plans and yarn in the stash for socks for both my boys. Luke's is Trekking in a camo green and Alex's is hot-rod socks so I have red, orange, yellow and black lined up.

    But just like Ruth, I'm holding off till around September till I knit them because kid's feet grow so fast. Each boy has a pair of tube socks that I knit them, but they've requested socks with heels because they're more comfy. I'll just knit them a little big.

  4. looks very much like Koigu that I've seen, NICE!