Sunday, June 11, 2006

What came before

Pattern: Cut Your Teeth
Yarn: Celestial Merino for the red and Fleece Artist for the blue.
Comments: I added India bells and coins to the hem of the cuff. They remind me of a court jester, but I also think that the miters look like stain glass windows. I like to wear these socks on holidays, but not too often because the bells cut the wool if I'm not careful.

Pattern: Kalev's Mittens from Folk Knitting in Estonia
Comments: People often exclaim over how difficult these must have been to knit. They were actually quite simple since the pattern is a mirror image repeat. This was my first time doing corrugated ribbing. I use two-handed stranding.

Yarn: Brigg's and Little's Tuffy
Comments: My son desperately wanted a sweater. He picked the pattern and told me what modifications it needed. He wanted a hood, a zipper and a secret pocket. But he won't wear the sweater cause it's itchy. This makes it a good entry for the local fair. All the cables in this sweater were done without a cable needle.

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  1. I am delighted to see you are finally blogging. Your knitting deserves a wider audience. Those jingle socks really rock!