Saturday, June 17, 2006

Pet Inventory and a Pledge

Pet 1: A fish named Fishy. He likes to play and gets sulky if I neglect him. He's a small finned Beta and he's about 4 months old.
Pets 2, 3 and 4: Three guinea pigs, all rescued from shelters. The black and brown one, Rita, had been in the shelter four 5 months and is already 3 years old. The other two are sisters, I figure to be about 6 months old. The white one is Cirie (named after the feisty survivor finalist) and the beige one is Cindy (because she is spicy, like cinnamon).

Their cage was inspired by CavyCages, our only modification being an aluminum bottom. My husband, who installs siding on houses, created it out of flat stock.


I do hereby pledge to the blogosphere, that I am not now, nor will I in the future, ever knit clothing for these animals. In addition, I will not force these animals to model clothes that are intended for people. Furthermore, I will not photograph these animals with any knitting, yarn, or other textile related paraphernalia in an attempt to spice up the blog. I do so solemnly swear.

1 comment:

  1. Cute pigs! And fishie too.
    Your kids might enjoy the little guinea pig Flash thing at
    The voice is annoying, but they are old enough to not want to replay things eternally (I hope).