Friday, June 16, 2006


I've got a couple of ideas brewing in my head. One is for a pair of socks to enter into the Western Fair's Funky Sock competition (Knitted Article #20). I'm thinking of using this yarn:

to create socks with a white cuff and blue body. I'd pattern waves where the blue and white meet and stitch white and green fish on the socks. Maybe in duplicate stitch, or maybe in chain stitch so I can be more artistic with the placement of the fish. That bit of multi colored Koigu may come in handy for the fish embroidery. It makes me think of the speckling on a trout. The toes and heels could be done in either the green or the white; it depends on how I feel when I get there.

The other idea is based around the Fleece Artist Garter Stitch Jacket. I bought this yarn:

Shot taken with no flash

Shot taken with flash

at the Toronto Knitter's Frolic. I've been told by Mary Jane, who's a top-notch knitter, that this kit isn't quite enough to fit a lady of my size. And I believe her. My other concern with the pattern is that it has drop shoulders and everything I've been reading tells me that it's much better to use fitted sleeves on plus size garments.

I've been working on the Rose Lace Vest for my mother-in-law that is worked from the top down. This construction intriqued me so I borrowed Barbara Walker's Knitting from the Top Down from the library. It seems like a smart idea, and I really have difficulties knitting myself a sweater that fits properly. I've done it once, and it was the second time I had knit Rogue.

So what I'd really like to knit with this yarn is a top down jacket, with fitted sleeves. And to stretch the yardage, I'd like to add a moss-stitch border in a smooth yarn to the center, bottom and cuffs. I'd use it to knit the collar too. This would put a kind of frame around the handpaint and the moss stitch would echo the texture of the curly yarn without competing with it.

This idea will have to wait though, because I won't knit such a hot project until the fall or later. This blog is a great place to park my ideas until I can come back to them.

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